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Michelin eyes sustainable materials in its tyres

Source:Michelin     Date:2021-09-14
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At the IAA Mobility car show held 7-12 September 2021 in Munich, Michelin presented a concrete vision of how it plans to build tomorrow’s mobility, focusing in particular on the circular economy. The company’s strategy is focused on sustainable mobility – with its ambition to use 100% sustainable materials in its tyres by 2050.  


First unveiled in June at the Movin’On Summit 2021, Michelin’s first tyre made of 46% sustainable materials was put on display. This innovation demonstrates Michelin’s ability to use an ever-increasing proportion of sustainable materials in its products without compromising their performance.  


Another attraction was the MICHELIN Uptis, which took to the road for the first time in public on a Mini Electric. This provided an experience for those who attended the event as they had the chance to ride and test this revolutionary tyre that is expected to be in the market by 2024.  

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MICHELIN Uptis is the first step in the Group’s VISION Concept, which features airless technology that eliminates the risk of punctures and reduces environmental impact. With its unique material structure, MICHELIN Uptis is a technological breakthrough and underscores Michelin’s pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation.


To meet the major challenge of using 100% sustainable materials by 2050, the Michelin is relying heavily on the circular economy. This approach aims to create value for the greatest number of people, in all areas and stages (production, manufacturing, use, etc.), while consuming fewer raw materials to preserve natural resources. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew: with its 4R Strategy, Michelin only consumes what is strictly necessary. Michelin is accelerating its investments in bio-based materials and new recycling technologies.


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