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Bio-renewable tackifier

Source:SI Group     Date:2021-10-22
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SI Group has announced the launch of its ELAZTOBOND MeltPlus T8-7920 resin – a bio-renewable based tackifier resin delivering superior adhesion and high heat resistance in both pressure sensitive and conventional ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) hot melt adhesives. 


ELAZTOBOND MeltPlus T8-7920 resin is shown to increase tack and peel strength by up to 180% without negatively impacting shear adhesion failure temperature in pressure-sensitive systems. Additionally, in EVA systems the tackifier offers the rare ability to improve adhesion performance at the high and low ends of the temperature range. Derived from renewable sources, the launch of this product reflects SI Group’s commitment to increasing its portfolio of sustainable materials while enhancing the formulation toolbox of its adhesive customers.

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Ken Lauffer, Adhesives Market Development Director at SI Group, commented, “Our adhesive customers are innovating to make lighter, safer, stronger and more sustainable products that are better for our environment and the world. We are excited to play an important role in their sustainability goals, and we look forward to further contributing to their future product formulations. ELAZTOBOND MeltPlus T8-7920 resin is the first of many such solutions we intend to bring to this important industry.” 


SI Group is a global leader in the innovative technology of performance additives, process solutions, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and chemical intermediates. SI Group solutions are essential to enhancing the quality and performance of countless industrial and consumer goods within the plastics, rubber & adhesives, fuels & lubricants, oilfield, pharmaceutical, and industrial resins industries. Headquartered in Schenectady, New York, SI Group’s global manufacturing footprint includes 24 facilities on five continents, serving customers in 90 countries with 2,800 employees worldwide.  



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