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Chin Fong Machine emphasizes on Industry 4.0 and intelligent production in TIMTOS x TMTS 2022

Source:Chin Fong Machine     Date:2022-03-09
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At TIMTOS x TMTS 2022, Chin Fong Machine exhibits two machine models, the iS1 series direct-drive single-point servo press and the ST1 series straight-side single-crank precision press, and focuses on Industry 4.0 and intelligent production, emphasizing the concept of "ESG" corporate sustainable investment and energy-saving and environmental protection design.

Chin Fong realizes total systemization and demonstrates its strength as a leading manufacturer of stamping and forging equipment in the world due to its technological know-how and experience.

The biggest highlight of Chin Fong Machine's servo press at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022 is the integration of artificial intelligence, AOI, cloud, and other intelligent systems, with features:

  • Servo oil management system: It collects and analyzes oil pressure and oil quality data via oil pressure and quality sensors, and then intelligently analyzes oil and power via a cloud database. The system can automatically adjust the oil output, issue abnormal warnings, anticipate and notify oil replacement, and report changes in oil pressure and temperature.

  • Electrical system: It can detect abnormal currents through the sensors and provide error warnings to avoid damaging critical components.

  • Mold inspection system: It uses vibration spectrum to inspect whether the mold is worn out to avoid defective products; the machine can not only analyze, sense in advance, and learn intelligently through big data AOI, but also further manage the machine operation, connect the system, and assist customers in connecting to Industry 4.0.

  •  RFID inspection system: When the process inspection manager is close to the machine, the cell phone can instantly display the machine's production status, including air/oil/electricity/temperature and machine status, allowing the manager to control the production status of each machine instantly and quickly.


Chin Fong Machine servo presses are equipped with an energy storage device that effectively converts the kinetic energy consumed by the brake deceleration into electrical energy for use in the re-stamping stroke, achieving effective energy consumption reduction, energy savings, and carbon reduction. Chin Fong also employs speed reduction mechanism for high-efficiency output, moving towards "green product." The product safety design complies with international public safety standards such as CE (Europe), GB (China), OSHA (USA), UL (USA), and TS type approval in Taiwan.

Chin Fong Machine is committed to implementing the ESG concept, and as a leading manufacturer of stamping and forging equipment, Chin Fong's social responsibility is to "always think of the next step for the customers." As a result, Chin Fong is constantly improving the added value of its products, creating differentiation, and avoiding red sea market competition to maintain Chin Fong Machine's advantages and profitability, to get closer to market needs, and assist small and medium-sized enterprises in planning smart plants. Chin Fong integrates automatic equipment in response to different types of industrial plants to provide customers with total solution to realize lights-out factory.


For more information, please visit Chin Fong’s website: https://www.chinfong.com/en/index.php

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