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Company Name:Ngai Hing Hong Company Limited

Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

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Area:Unit 3, 6/F, Hopeful Factory Center, 10 Wo Shing Street, Fo Tan,Shatin.

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3D printing material “Carbon Fiber Filled PC Alloy”

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Ngai Hing Hong launched a new engineering-grade 3D printing material—Carbon Fiber Filled PC Alloy (CF Filled PC Alloy). It has high impact strength, high flexure modulus and not easy to bend. It also has low warping properties and hard to deform. With high chemical resistant and weatherable, our printing material are suitable for general 3D printer in the market and can be printed into automotive components or mechanical components such as gears and frameworks.

CF filled PC Alloy was independently developed and produced by Ngai Hing Hong, the one-stop services ensure the material’s quality. Moreover, it can be tailor-made for satisfying customers’ specific need. They can print different shapes of boards and components without molding and see the product immediately.

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