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Company Name:FIMIC SRL Italian melt filter

Time Of Establishment:2020-10-28

Business Model:Privately owned

Area:Via Ospitale, 54 – 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD) ITALY

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Contact Person:Erica Canaia

Tel:+39 049 595 71 63


High output automatic melt-filter

ProductCategory:R050 Origin:Italy Brand: FIMIC Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T Delivery Period:90~120 days


The Largest Melt Filter in the World

Model GEM was born for increasing the hourly yield (2.5~6 tons /hr) thanks to the presence of the largest filtering surface on the market. And achieving this with just two filter meshes!

The largest filtering surface using just two filters and two valves.

GEM combines the sheer power of RAS, FIMIC’s par excellence melt filter. The result is an exclusive technology that sums twin 600 filters, two scrapers and two valves, to create a combined filtering surface of 5600 cm2: world’s largest!



How does GEM work?

This model reaches a greater filtering surface due to the presence of two filtering meshes towards which all the melt is directed, alongside two scrapers and independent discharge valves.


The two blades scrape the contamination the filter collects, while the blade holder rakes it in to automatically eject it through the valve. The pressure mode can be set from the touch screen, while the blade holder rotating speed is adjustable and the valve only opens on a full cycle. In the event of a higher degree of contamination, a continuous mode is available to let the blade holder scrape continuously. In this case, a temporizer will tell the valve when to discharge.




Filtration Surface (cm2)

GEM 600






Laser screen (micron) : 80-100-120-150-200-250-300

Punched screen (micron) : 400-500-600-800-1000-1500-2000


Laser screen (mesh): 180-140-130-100-70-60-50

Punched screen (mesh): 40-35-30-20-18-14-10


Customer Service

FIMIC never lets you down! Our customer service is available 7 days a week, and you're able to contact us by telephone, email and WhatsApp for an immediate reply. remote (online) assistance is 100% available and in any case a team composed by several specialized technicians is also available to be dispatched, should the need arise, to solve any issue in the shortest possible time!


Thanks the FIMIC Spare Parts Portals, any spare part you need is just a click (and a quick worldwide shipment) away. Placing an online order is extremely easy: you enter the portal and choose whichever part you need. Our automated warehouse guarantees a 24 hours shipment within Italy and EU (2~3 dyas in non-EU Countries). Please contact us for further information.


Here at FIMIC, delivering good products is not enough. We strive for perfection, and thus we design each machine with customization in mind. Through our tailored-to-needs product service, our customers can fully customize their experience, from the type and position of touch screen and electrical panel to the fine tuning of flanges and extrusion height in relation to each extruder type.

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