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Laser Marking System

ProductCategory: Origin:Italy Brand: Violino™ Minimum order:1 Type of payment:L/C, T/T Delivery Period:spot transactions


Violino™series has been designed using Laservall's innovative DPSS laser architecture. By coupling the laser diode pumped optical fiber, the pumping module can be operated remotely from the laser resonator. The qualitative and technological advantages offered by laser marking in industrial production have been acknowledged for some time now. Violino?series is a diode pumped laser source, renowned worldwide in the industrial field for applications that range from marking and engraving to mirco-machining. 1. Diode Pumping Solid State Laser in long lifetime over 10,000h and stable output power. 2. Optical fiber end pump with high efficiency. 3. M3(Marking Matched Mode) Optimized Laser Mode for high speed and precision marking. 4. TE/Air cooling system without water. 5. Laser pumping module separated with resonator, easy installation and maintenance. 6. Low power consumption under 1KW, 2 phase power supply and low running cost.

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