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All the components of SupGuard PE51 are included in the EU Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC Annex VI list of permitted preservatives. They are also permitted for use as preservatives in the USA and Japan. SupGuard PE51 is an optimized blend of paraben esters in phenoxyethanol. It has an excellent toxicological profile and is non-irritant to skin, eye and mucous membranes at normal use concentrations. It retains activity over the range of pH 3.0~8.0. It is fully effective both in anionic as well as cationic systems. Generally, most types of cosmetics and toiletries are adequately preserved with a use concentration of 0.2~1.0%. The higher use concentrations are especially necessary for formulations that are difficult to preserve. Use concentrations of 0.4~0.7% are sufficient for emulsified systems of both the w/o and o/w types. Surfactant-based products, such as shampoos, foam baths and liquid dishwashing detergents, may be preserved with SupGuard PE51 at concentrations typically between 0.2~0.6%. But in products with a high protein content and/or based on non-ionic surfactants, the higher use concentrations of SupGuard PE51 in the range from 0.5~1.0% may be required. On account of its limited solubility in water, in purely aqueous systems SupGuard PE51 can only be dissolved in low concentrations. In formulations with a low water content, heating to 60~70℃ may be sufficient for incorporation of a sufficient amount of SupGuard PE51 into the aqueous phase. If aqueous systems cannot be heated, SupGuard PE51 can be incorporated by preparing a concentrate in a suitable solvent such as propylene glycol, and stirring this concentrate into the water. In emulsified systems, SupGuard PE51 is readily dissolved in the liquid phase prior to emulsification. In formulations that contain surfactants, SupGuard PE51 can be dissolved in the surfactants before the addition of water and other ingredients

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