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Shini Gravimetric Blender

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SGB series gravimetric blenders can be used in the fields of injection molding machines, blow molding machines and extrusion lines for proportionally precise mixing of several types of material. This series machines adopt SIEMENS PLC controller and latest ingredients calculation methods. The machine is controlled by an advanced microprocessor with a digital display that is simple to calibrate. The self - compensation and calibration function ensure accurate material dosing percentages. A high precision electronic weighing scale is used to ensure precise weighing of every batch and ensure accuracy to ± 0.1% ~ ± 0.3%. Product Feature: Evenly mixing of materials after accurately weighing, control accuracy strictly of ± 0.1% ~ ± 0.3%. Auto calibration after each material weighing ensures accuracy. Up to 100 recipes can be stored for later use. Alarm log function. All parts detachable for easy cleaning.

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