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Small Character printing systems

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Zanasi Industrial Small Character printing systems are continuous inkjet coders which allow text to be printed from 0,8 ( 0,032") to 14 (0,55") mm height. Several types of production information may be printed with these systems, namely, descriptive texts , production dates, expiry/sell-by dates, batches, barcodes and logos. These may cover a vast number of different products and packaging materials (primary packaging). Such systems have been designed to operate at a medium/high speed and enable high quality printing to be carried out on surfaces that are flat, curved, even or uneven. The sectors in which the systems may be applied are limitless due to the fact that a vast range of inks are used (all inks are exclusively made by Zanasi), which allow printing on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Zanasi CIJ Systems have compact design and ability to operate without compressed air, that mean systems can be located at any point on production line. In addition, CIJ systems have been completely designed and constructed in Zanasi premises. This let Zanasi focus its new developments on customer's satisfaction. Through Zanasi Cartridges, the adding of Ink and Make-Up (additive) is fast, clean and takes place without interrupting the printing.

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