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UV absorbent MB

ProductCategory: Origin:China Brand: Minimum order:1 Type of payment:T/T Delivery Period:within one week


UV-531 is one of Benzophenones Ultraviolet absorbent and the additive for plastic and other macromolecular polymer. Mainly used in PP,PE and PVC. Meanwhil, it's with good effection using in PC, Acrylic, EVA, Polyester and other macromolecular polymer. Product Features: UV absorbent MB works very well in spectral range, so it has a good effect of light stability in plastic products. It can avoid lose in processing as it has very low volatility. And it has no influence to the original smell of the resin. As it has Octoxy group, it will have a very good compatibility for thermoplastic and can disperse in plastic evenly. High purity in it will keep the good quality in processing. Also, it will not affect product quality in manufacturing because of the superior heat resistance.

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