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Fully automatic wrapping equipment

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•Equipped with film feeding motor and high & low speed stretching rollers. Through a different speed operation between these 2 rollers to adjust prestretching film to obtain “Stretching first and packing then” effect. •Sensor can automatically detect the package height. •Fully-auto wrapping、clipping film、cutting film then cling film on the package •Soft stop & start: Turntable controlled by brake motor and inverter to insure accurate position and smooth operation •Auto alarm:When film is lacking or breaking ,the buzzer will alarm automatically and stop the machine. •Save time for changing film: Diameter of film is Ø250 mm(can put film thickness 0.02mm, length 1,500M) •This machine is equipped with 3 sets of counters for wrapping separately on the top, middle and bottom, also offered single layer wrapping and double layers wrapping for choice.

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