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Intlpak Enterprises Corporation

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Company Name:Intlpak Enterprises Corporation

Business Model:Privately owned

Area: China
Main Products: China, Vietnam, Thailand

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Contact Person:Gino Hsu

Tel:886-49-2251060 ext 155


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  • We provide environmentally friendly, recyclable, low pollution for food and medical package.

    In 1991

    Intlpak Enterprises Corporation is an investment from Sun A group(http://www.suna.com.tw/), the largest packaging material Supplier in the Great China area. The company introduced the most advanced co-extrusion technology for producing the multilayer packaging materials of sheet and film. The factory is concluded with the cleanroom GMP strategy and has been installed with the fully automatic computer control production lines.

    Our company occupies 27,780 square meter area. The products are widely used in foods, cosmetics, medical care, industrial packages, electronic components, FPD masking, and protection material, all applications according to different characters of products.

    In 1996

    The Electronic packaging R/D center is founded to develop all the materials for SMT usage in Tape and Reel materials.

    In 2001

    The Masking film R/D center is also established to develop the film materials to protect TFT-LCD products from dirty and scratch contamination during processing or transportation.


    We are committed to developing better packaging materials for industries such as food and medical devices. Introducing more environmentally friendly, recyclable, and less polluting packaging solutions to the market is our mission. The retortable easy-peel film for food, pet food, and contact lenses can provide more safe food and medical device to people. Our integration of vertical technology from upstream material science and production, Casting Film production, Plastic container forming, and laminate processing for lidstock printing can help customers establish their business. We have the most advanced equipment and technology in the world, understand customers' needs and meet their product requirements. With the horizontal integration of container thermoforming machines, heat sealing machines, retort sterilization equipment, and content products, we can help to solve customers' dilemmas and problems.

    We believe that there is no end in innovation and creation, reforms set forth under our powerful teamwork spirit, we will step forward into a shiny future together with this world community.

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    Major Business Food & Beverage Main Products China, Vietnam, Thailand
    Email ginohsu@intlpak.com.tw Company Website www.intlpak.com.tw;www.sheet-film.com
    Fax 886-49-2251064 Company Address No. 11, Gongye N. 5th Rd. Nantou City, Nantou County 54066 Taiwan

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