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Maguire Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Company Name:Maguire Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Business Model:Foreign-capital

Area: China
Main Products: Blenders, Dryers, feeders, loaders, Conveying, pumps and related

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Contact Person:Marshall Guo



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  • Maguire Products Inc., headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, USA, is the world’s largest supplier of blenders and liquid color pumps for processors in the plastics industry. Maguire also manufacturers gravimetric and volumetric feeders, ULTRA low energy dryers, conveying systems, extrusion control systems, loss in weight extrusion control, and related auxiliaries. Founded in 1977, Maguire operates seven manufacturing facilities in Aston, with seven international subsidiaries that service an extensive network of distributors globally.


    The company manufacturers:

    Gravimetric Blenders

    ULTRA Low Energy Dryers

    WXB Extrusion Blenders

    Gravimetric Feeders

    LowPro Conveying System

    FlexBus Central Conveying System

    Sweeper System


    The fundamentals of design for Maguire as a company since it was first launched in 1977 have always been accuracyquick return on investment, and ease of use. These 3 principles have stood the test of time and are reflected across our products: Manufactured with hardware that's robust and reliable, and with Software and Controls that are completely integrated to the hardware and have evolved consistently right through to today. All of Maguire products are guaranteed with an industry leading five year warranty program that underlines Maguire’s commitment to these design principals and the commitment to customers who have shaped and evolved the design to how it is today.


    Major Business Plastics & Rubber Main Products Blenders, Dryers, feeders, loaders, Conveying, pumps and related
    Email marshall@maguirechina.com Company Website www.maguire.com
    Fax Company Address 1203, Tower B, Eton Place, 555 Pu Dong Avenue, Shanghai

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