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Roquette - GLUCIDEX® Maltodextrins and Dried Glucose Syrups




Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients and plant proteins offers GLUCIDEX®  maltodextrins and dried glucose syrup, which are plant-based carbohydrates that provide fully available energy.   


They provide 100% glucose-based energy, the most efficient energy substrate for muscles, the brain and recovery, to fuel active lifestyles. These lactose-free products offer high quality carbs produced from non-GMO starch, with high digestibility and excellent tolerance. A choice of dextrose equivalent (DE from 12 to 47) allows fine-tuning of product osmolarity and provide good hydration, increased energy and quick recovery.


Fully soluble and neutral in taste, they come in a white powder form that make ideal bulking agents and drying carriers. They may be applied to the production of soups, seasonings, flavours, and powdered beverages, according to Roquette.



Video source: Roquette

W: https://www.roquette.com

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2021-09-06 15:30:47814 Views

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