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NOVA Chemicals and GREENMANTRA on circularity




NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”) and GreenMantra Technologies (“GREENMANTRA”) completed a second asphalt paving project in Ontario, Canada, incorporating the equivalent of 700,000 plastic bags in post-consumer recycled plastic materials into two pathways and a parking lot. The asphalt paving project was completed at the construction site of NOVA Chemicals’ newest polyethylene manufacturing facility near Sarnia.


Last year, NOVA Chemicals contacted GREENMANTRA to initiate a field paving trial, which included the equivalent of 118,000 plastic bags in two 1,700 feet long pathways located at its future Rokeby Site. The 2020 pilot was a significant test relative to the Canadian climate and the environmental impact of freeze-thaw cycles, UV rays, and moisture in addition to bearing the load of heavy construction equipment. Asphalt companies often use modifiers, like GREENMANTRA’s waxes, to help to make the asphalt more resistant to rutting and cracking, adding durability and longevity to pavements. Based on the positive performance of the test strip in 2020, NOVA Chemicals and GREENMANTRA proceeded with the expanded paving project.


GREENMANTRA’s specialty polymers are certified as 100 percent recycled content and can replace virgin polymers in industrial products, reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing the sustainability profile and performance of final products. Asphalt is an emerging area for reuse of plastic materials.


NOVA Chemicals develops and manufactures chemicals and manufactures chemicals and polyethylene, and sells post-consumer resin, for recyclable applications such as food packaging, caps & closures and e-commerce packaging that make everyday life healthier and safer. NOVA Chemicals is proud to be one of the largest private employers in the Sarnia-Lambton region. At NOVA Chemicals’ second Advanced SCLAIRTECH Technology facility, located at the new Rokeby Site, there are nearly 1,800 workers, representing more than four million hours worked since the project started. An estimated 150 permanent fulltime jobs will be created to operate and maintain the facilities. Visit NOVA Chemicals  at www.novachem.com.


Video Source: NOVA Chemicals Corporation YouTube Channel



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