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Slow speed granulation solution from Rapid




Rapid’s slow speed granulation process through Rapid OneCUT PRO means less dust, less noise, less energy consumption and significant operational benefits. Mr. Ravi Purushotham, Director – Asia Pacific at Rapid Granulator Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. and Mr. Anders Martensson, Sales Manager & Key Account at Rapid Granulator AG explains how the slow speed granulation process works.


OneCUT PRO allows injection moulded plastic processors to adjust the rpm range when granulating at a slow speed from the standard 25 rpm to a bandwidth of 15-35 rpm (plus/minus 40 percent rotor speed), for optimal quality regrind. With the vast majority of processors running at under capacity, the new machine, which uses the new Rapid FlexiSPEED system, means less dust, less noise and significantly less energy consumption. For processors facing capacity limitations, operating at a higher speed level will allow them to overcome capacity constraints, boosting operational output. The torque level of the machine is maintained, regardless of the speed at which it is running.  Further benefits of the new machine include the operator-friendly “Open Hearted” design through the patent pending QRR (quick rotor release) system and the use of an innovative energy saving technology.  For more information, contact:


Rapid Granulator Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

Te;: +61 2 9484 3398

E-mail: ravip@rapidgranulator.com

Website: www.rapidgranulator.com/

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