High-speed die sinker EDM equipped with 5G NC unit

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:01 PM

Sodick releases its 5G linear motor drive electrical discharge machine, Cruise series: C32. The product has been developed to make further contribution to the manufacturing of die and mold including mechanical parts . The 5G EDM features 襊erfect Active Control?function, which can perform high-speed simultaneous control of the state of discharge and axis movement to achieve unprecedented highly efficient machining performance by taking advantage of serial communication technology of 1Gbit /sec.
EZ-CLAMP offers pneumatic, hydraulic clamping fixtures

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:03 PM

EZ-CLAMP is an automation clamping cylinder manufacturer. For more than 20 years, the company has actively invested in the pneumatic and hydraulic clamping fixture module design and development, a product which reduces processing time, fixture design and field installment lead time, thus achieving the goal of improving automation and reducing manual labor.
Mikron Tool presents Twicenter drill

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:30 PM

Mikron Tool SA Ango offers CrazyDrill Twicenter with two integrated ducts that supply the coolant directly to exact spot where it is needed, right up to the drill's edge. The internal cooling is an advantage; the machine used is equipped for it. No additional external cooling is needed. When drilling ?and consequently when centering ?in places difficult to access, bringing the coolant up to the cutting edge can be quite difficult. Only a precise internal coolant supply solves the problem.
Iscar hydraulic chucks combine precision, ease of use

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:00 PM

New HYDROFIT hydraulic chucks from Iscar not only qualify for high-speed machining (HSM) but also simplify tool changing, presetting and fine balancing. Suitable for stationary- or rotating-tool applications of up to 15,000 RPM, HYDROFIT chucks deliver the clamping force, accuracy, dynamic balance and vibration damping necessary to protect brittle solid carbide round tools in HSM work. Runout accuracy is 0.003 mm.
Sumitomo AC510U, AC520U grades for turning exotic materials

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:23 PM

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. presents Super ZX multi-layered coating, the new grades AC510U and AC520U are perfect for roughing, finishing, and medium cut machining of super alloy materials. The Super ZX coating consists of ultra-thin layers of TiAlN and AlCrN, alternately stacked up to 1,000 layers. The AC510U grade is highly efficient in finish turning of exotic materials, while the AC520U grade is superior in roughing and medium cut machining applications.
FARO expands sizes, capabilities of FaroArm lineup

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:15 PM

FARO Technologies Inc. has enhanced its Quantum, Platinum and Fusion FaroArm product lines in order to meet the needs of a wider range of applications within its industrial customer base. The Quantum FaroArm series will now be offered in 6-ft. (1.8m), 8-ft. (2.4m), 10-ft. (3.0m), and 12-ft. (3.7m) lengths. The additional sizes are combined with precision of up to 16 microns (.0006?0.016mm).
Gulf's second international industry fair bigger and better

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:52 PM

The second Gulf Industry Fair, the only major industrial exhibition for the Northern Gulf, is set to surpass the success of the inaugural event in terms of size and stature. To be held from January 13 to 15, 2009 at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Bahrain, The Gulf International Industry Fair 2009 has grown by almost a third in size over the 2008 event as the bookings continue to flow in, according to the Hilal Conferences & Exhibitions (HCE), the event's organizer.
Machine Tool Indonesia 2008, the biggest in its 19 year history

Publish on 11/27/2008 02:11:05 PM

Machine Tool Indonesia 2008 and Manufacturing Indonesia 2008 returns on December 3-6, 2008 at the Jakarta International Expo Centre. Now in its 19th year, Machine Tool and Manufacturing Indonesia have surpassed all previous records. Occupying all nine halls at the exhibition centre, the organizers have had to construct a temporary structure, hall F, to accommodate the continuing demand for space.



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