Global exhibition on subcontracting and partnership

Publish on 9/23/2009 04:09:43 PM

The world faces today the challenges of massive credit shortages in the financial markets, and as mature markets see their economies contract, many investors are turning again to the industry sectors. Furthermore, all the governments within Gulf region are looking to diversify their industries and are allocating subsidies and cheap feedstock on the basis of specialist technologies.
Middle East plastics pipes market emerges

Publish on 9/23/2009 04:09:18 PM

The construction industry in some sectors of the Gulf has taken a hit from the current recession. However, as projects are refinanced building is resuming and demand is expected to rise again for plastics pipe. This was the conclusion at the recent AMI conference, Middle East Plastic Pipes 2009 held in Dubai in June. PVC dominates the world pipe market and according to Neproplast around 40% of all PVC produced is used in pipe and fittings.
Improving properties in new thermoplastic compounds

Publish on 9/23/2009 04:09:10 PM

The physical properties of thermoplastic compounds have made them ideal for a whole range of applications. Compounding has been a highly competitive market and the shift in the production of thermoplastic compounds from North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East have created tremendous pressure on production as well as research and development. The growth of the sector has been tremendous due mainly to the trend of replacing thermoset rubbers and innovations in such industries as automotive, consumer, medical, electronics/electrical, and construction/building materials.
Wider range of elastomers for medical manufacturers

Publish on 9/23/2009 03:09:22 PM

New elastomer compounds are meeting many different design, processing, and end use needs in the medical industry. The demand for better materials is more evident and urgent in the field of medical and pharmaceutical industry. Such demand has pushed plastics manufacturers to expand their research and development scope to turn out materials and machinery capable of meeting the complex needs of medical field. An innovative and far-ranging medicalelastomers program named Medalist?was launched by the Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex Company.
The evolution of underwater pelletising

Publish on 9/23/2009 02:09:16 PM

Underwater pelletising is becoming the most preferred method of pellet production over other processes available in the world market today. Underwater pelletising is in the family of die face pelletisers. Some types of die face pelletisers use only air for cooling and transporting the pellets. A variation of this type of pelletising uses some water spray or mist to start the pellet cooling process and to prevent pellets from sticking together.
World's first PLA production foam extrusion die developed

Publish on 9/23/2009 02:09:18 PM

Plastic Engineering Associates Licensing, Inc. has developed the world''s first PLA production foam extrusion die. The special PLA foam die developer is Jim Fogarty (Chem. Eng., WPI 1961). Jim has been designing foam extrusion dies since the early 1960''s, mainly for polystyrene foam. Jim is also the inventor of Turbo - Screws?technology foam feed screws. "The market needs a foam extrusion die for PLA. All of the foam dies in the industry have been made for polystyrene foaming and as most people in the foam polystyrene industry know, PLA is definitely not polystyrene.
Illig at Fakuma 2009

Publish on 9/23/2009 02:09:41 PM

Illig presents its latest line systems for sheet processing at the upcoming Fakuma from 13 - 17 October. These lines are suitable for manufacturing products for various applications in electrical engineering, electronics, automobile and vehicle construction, general industrial applications through to household, leisure and sports articles.



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