DC/DC converters generate 165W output

Publish on 4/17/2009 05:04:25 PM

Murata Power Solutions Inc.''s new HPQ series has launched an ultra - high power quarter brick, isolated DC/ DC converter, which has a 3.3 Vdc fixed output and an output current reaching 50A and offers up to 165W power to different applications like datacom and telecom connections. The new converter carries an open frame design and standard package that measures 58.4mm x 36.8mm x 1 0 . 2 m m high . Tailored for PCB mounting, the module is suitable for use in temperature range from 40°C to 85°C.
Car bottom furnaces provide uniform heating

Publish on 4/17/2009 05:04:07 PM

ITS'' car bottom furnaces can be used for a number of thermal processes like stress relieving, heat treating and pre - heating before forging can be applied. Such furnaces integrate advanced heating technology with industrial proven designs to give exceptional temperature evenly and rapid heat - up. The available operating temperature range is up to 1800°F (980°C). Temperature uniformity of +/-25°F (+/-14°C) is common on most of the applications.
Amplifier/controller promotes innovative design

Publish on 4/17/2009 05:04:59 PM

Quantum Controls Inc. has launched the QC6210 series four - quadrant amplifier/ controller as part of the extended power range version of the well - known QC6200. This equipment works within the range of 7 - 24Vac or 10 - 30Vdc reaching up to 30A.
Servo system hastens production work

Publish on 4/17/2009 05:04:49 PM

Yaskawa Electric America Inc . has introduced the new Sigma - 5 servomotors and amplifiers. These fifth-generation servos are believed to be a great contribution in technology. The Sigma - 5 series provides enhanced positioning accuracy by 1,000x the industry standard. At the same time, the popular auto-tuning feature was designed for most modernised applications like two axes in super-high capacity machines.
Brushless blowers extend to 60K hrs

Publish on 4/17/2009 05:04:21 PM

Rotron brushless DC blowers have computerised commutated motor technology that has no brushes to provide long shelf life reaching 60,000hrs. These blowers outlive common brush-motor products by working on virtually maintenance - free and drawing away the motor failures usually related to brush wear over time.
Even more Tough Guys at Walter

Publish on 4/17/2009 04:04:37 PM

The solid carbide high-performance milling cutters "Tough Guys" from Walter Prototyp are well established in machining. The high performance family has grown continuously since its introduction. " The recent high demand has prompted us to expand the range significantly. We have added 130 variants with new diameters and corner radii to the catalogue," said Helmut Gschrey, product manager for solid carbide and HSS milling cutters at Walter.
CNC milling machine hastens production time

Publish on 4/17/2009 04:04:57 PM

DMG Middle East FZE has launched the new DMG machine design providing a machining process with 40% more transparency in the work area having larger shatterproof windows and the DMG ERGOline control with 19-inch screen. The company substituted the key cabinet with a new DMG SMARTkey system. The machine delivers many options and not just choosing the operating mode. It gives personalised user authorization with customisable access rights and individualised control preparation.
Improved spindle promotes better user interface

Publish on 4/17/2009 04:04:06 PM

Gravograph has released an enhanced spindle for its milling engraving machines. With this technology, mass production is faster with reduced time cycle. Power requirements from 150W to 1000W can be obtained with rotation speeds up to 60000rpm for different applications like cutting or 3D marking on metals. The spindle is very applicable to medium or large series applications and address engraving machines from the IS range (6000, 7000, 8000) and XP range.



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