Hydro builds regional sales office in Doha

Publish on 5/21/2010 03:05:03 PM

Hydro, a global supplier of aluminium and aluminium products, is setting up a regional office in Doha, Qatar, for marketing its metal products in the Middle East, the Gulf states and Southern Africa. The office will be a part of Hydro's business area Metal Markets and its Asian Regional Organisation, based in Singapore. In addition, the company is stepping up its activities in recycling of other qualities of aluminium scrap.
Saudi Alcoa grants aluminium plant deals

Publish on 5/21/2010 03:05:34 PM

Swiss-based ABB, U.S.-based Fluor Corp. and WorleyParsons have won the first contracts for a planned $10.8 billion aluminium joint venture between Alcoa and Saudi Arabian Mining Co. (Maaden) The contracts awarded are linked to the construction of the integrated aluminium complex at Ras Azzour. WorleyParsons and Fluor will supervise engineering and procurements of the complex's alumina refinery to be completed by December 2014.
Egypt construction sector attracts US$7.5B by 2015

Publish on 5/21/2010 03:05:38 PM

Egypt's rapidly growing building and construction sector is expected to attract investments of around US$7.3 billion by 2015. The sector continues to uplift related industries, such as cement, iron, furniture and electricity and has emerged as one of the country's top revenue generators. Non-residential construction will continue to dominate the industry and comprise up to US$6.7 billion, with residential projects to reach US$606 million.
Slot coating die

Publish on 5/18/2010 01:05:06 PM

New slot die for coating continuous-web substrates provides consistent, streak-free application of pressure s ensitive adhesives ( PSAs ) , achieving higher line speeds and greater accuracy than conventional roll coating, with less environmental impact. EDI developed the die specifically for PSAs, a hot melt adhesive subgroup. While roll coating speeds for hot melt application usually do not exceed 1200 feet/min. (365 metres/min.), the new die developed by EDI accommodates line speeds up to 2,000 feet/ min.
Plastic extrusion machinery

Publish on 5/18/2010 01:05:00 PM

Jenn Chong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of manufacturing programme ranging from: blown film extrusion system for single or multi-layer film; strapping band extruding line; monofilament extruding lines; flat yarn making machine; fibrillated yarn making machine; tying tape/twine making machine; extruded net making machine, and relative plastic extruding machinery.
V-Series pressure sensors

Publish on 5/18/2010 01:05:40 PM

A new melt-pressure sensor and electronics package for plastics extruders has been developed by Dynisco especially for use in China. The V-Series ("V" stands for Value) are available in popular pressure ranges, outputs and configurations. They are priced to compete with locally produced sensors, which have fewer features. The Dynisco V-Series diaphragm is 0.152 mm (0.006 inch) thick - 50% thicker than those in other tested sensors.
Hydraulic clamping injection moulding machine

Publish on 5/18/2010 01:05:07 PM

The DHT Series direct hydraulic clamping injection moulding machine is designed without toggle mechanism to avoid the toggle wear. This model can increase the position accuracy and is good for high technology and high precision plastic products. The series features: centralised clamping forces on moulding to maintain the original shape and raise the product precision and steadiness; safe and low-pressure mould protection; steady, reliable P.I.D.
Air chiller series

Publish on 5/18/2010 01:05:39 PM

After moulding the raw plastic material, in order to shorten the moulding cycle, it is necessary to use the chiller to reduce the product temperature. Yann Bang chiller series uses the latest European, American or Japanese compressors and high efficient shell-pipe cooler. With specially designed heat-exhaustion cooling system, the chillers are also equipped with digital temperature display, microprocessor temperature controller, and abnormal warning indicators.



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