Versatile chip fryer

Publish on 6/22/2010 03:06:59 PM

ONE continuous fryer system can make all styles of potato chips, and chips from plantains, malanga (Xanthosoma), and other products at the same capacity as multiple batch fryers: the 'UPC' from Heat and Control. Easy-to-use PLC control stores multiple recipes so you can change products in minutes. From hard-bite style to traditional chips, UPC lets you create personalised snacks for each customer by utilising independent fryer modules integrated into one continuous frying system.
Bahrain's Jawad expands beyond home-market dominance

Publish on 6/22/2010 03:06:33 PM

Domino's Pizza has more than 100 outlets in the region (Photo ©2010 Susie of Arabia) Though to some degree lacking the geographic reach of it counterparts in the region, the dominance of Jawad Group in its home market of Bahrain is difficult to overstate - the company operates an impressive stable of foodservice brands in Bahrain and beyond, including global chains such as Burger King, TGI Friday's, Costa Coffee, Papa John's and Quizno's, with outlets in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the
Detoxification and Cleansing to Support a Healthy Immune System

Publish on 6/22/2010 01:06:39 PM

HELPING the body to detoxify and cleanse can be key to developing and maintaining an optimum immune system. Practiced for centuries around the world, most notably within Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems, this 'ritual' is gaining ground with mainstream consumers who are taking a much more active approach to their overall health and wellness. People are exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis through the foods they eat and the air they breathe.
Breakthoughs in packaging innovation

Publish on 6/22/2010 12:06:14 PM

ALUMINIUM bottles from Exal Corporation, which use new 'Coil to Can' (C2C) technology that makes them a new mainstream packaging option for beverage marketers, is one of the Diamond Winners at the 2010 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. It shares the award for Excellence in Innovation, Cost/Waste Reduction and Sustainability with an innovative packaging system that enables safer transport of medical supplies from Entropy Solutions, Inc. (USA).
Ice cream with improved mouthfeel

Publish on 6/22/2010 11:06:25 AM

Impact of mechanical treatment of ice cream at extremely low temperature ICE cream is a complex multiphase system consisting of ice crystals, air cells, protein and fat globules embedded in a frozen high viscous and concentrated matrix. The microstructure of these constituents has significant impact on the consumer quality characteristics.
High quality ice cream for the health-conscious consumer

Publish on 6/22/2010 11:06:58 AM

ONE can hardly open a newspaper without coming across stories describing the global epidemic - obesity. Sugar and fat - together with over consumption, are often mentioned as the two most important factors causing overweight and the intake hereof should be controlled. Together with cakes and confectionary products, ice cream is included in the food category of which nutritionists recommend a decreased intake. Ice cream is traditionally produced with 8-10% of fat and approximately 15% of sugar.
Increasing productivity in the dairy sector

Publish on 6/22/2010 11:06:26 AM

An Operational Cost Reduction progr amme helps a leading dairy to enhance competitiveness and profitability WHEN Yasser Abdullah began his job as a shift supervisor for Saudi Arabia's leading dairy and food company, SADAFCO, 14 years ago, he focused solely on his own individual performance.
Not yet done: Dairy market has room to grow

Publish on 6/22/2010 11:06:51 AM

ONE of the most dynamic food & beverage industries in the Middle East is the dairy segment, which is both fairly sophisticated and developed although far from saturated, demonstrating great potential for growth. Dairy products are extremely popular across the Gulf and wider Arab world, and as consumers are increasingly integrating more dairy products in their daily diets, this industry is set to expand.



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