Plastic recycling gains momentum

Publish on 6/17/2010 09:06:29 AM

塑料材料因聚合体构成较为复杂,故在实现循 环利用时需特殊的技术与设备,同时,添加剂及染色剂的使用也对其再利用带来挑战,代价也相对高昂。本文将通过JBI公司的产品Plastic2Oil (P2O),即通过结合一种可再度使用的化学催化剂制程将塑 料转化成油的技术,为您介绍塑料循环利用领域的最新进展。 Enviromental concerns created urgent demand for measures to ensure ecological balance and sustainability. Recycling, or the process of recovering scraps and reprocessing them into new useful products, has thus become an important issue that has tremendous impact on the manufacturer.
Predicting the life of HDPE matrix WPC

Publish on 6/11/2010 04:06:12 PM

A study was conducted to determine the predicted service life (PSL) of a Korean manufactured wood plastic composite (WPC). The reliability and PSL are determined based on the effects of accelerated, laboratory weathering using xenon arc exposure and outdoor weathering on a HDPE matrix wood-polymer composite deck board. Extensive chemical analysis was performed to identify the method of material degradation and failure.
Laser cutting high performance materials

Publish on 6/10/2010 04:06:36 PM

The growing use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites as high performance material in aerospace and automotive industry has prompted studies in developing technologies for machining of composites in recent years. Use of lasers for cutting and drilling of composites is attractive due to its flexibility and its being free from tool wear.
ExxonMobil ramps up in China, Singapore

Publish on 6/10/2010 02:06:04 PM

ExxonMobil Chemical Co. is investing in PP's future production and technology-particularly in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region, where next year it will bring on stream its largest petrochemical complex in the world. "We see PP demand growth in China at about 15% annually. For the next 5-10 years and within the next decade the Asia-Pacific region will account for half of total global PP demand," according to Larry Gros, Technology Manager for global polyolefin products.
Trelleborg raises production capacity in India

Publish on 6/10/2010 02:06:54 PM

Rajoo targets Latin America, Eastern Europe

Publish on 6/10/2010 01:06:10 PM

Rajoo Engineers Ltd. has set out a double-barrel export strategy for this year, focusing on Latin America and the former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe, as it moves to offer competitively priced machines for major upgrades and new startups. "We are seeing signs of export market recovering, especially in Latin America, and capacity expansion and new start ups in Poland and Spain," said Sunil Jain, president of Rajoo Engineers. He pointed to the present European Commission's efforts to promote industries in former Eastern Bloc countries.
DSM to construct new research facilities in China

Publish on 6/10/2010 01:06:49 PM

DSM Engineering Plastics announced its plans to set up a Materials Research and Automotive Development Centre in Shanghai. Roelof Westerbeek, President, DSM Engineering Plastics said, "This will be the biggest research centre for DSM for engineering plastics outside of the Netherlands." DSM already has a Development Centre at its manufacturing site in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China which carries out advanced material testing and characterisation.



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