Twin Expos Add Up to Ideal Sourcing Place

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:07 PM

Sino-Pack & China Drinktec 2009 once again to offer a wide spectrum of packaging, beverage and brewery machinery
WorldStar 2008?for optimized cap

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:05 PM

A LIGHTWEIGHTED closure system for short neck PCO 1881 by Bericap ?the SuperShorty ?has bagged the WorldStar 2008 from the World Packaging Organization. The cap design, which reduces the usage of non-renewable resources and saves costs without compromising safety and security, convinced the WPO jury. A change from PCO 1810 to PCO 1881 also reduces the weight of the entire package. In the case of a CSD bottle the neck weight is reduced from 5.05 g to 3.82 g.
Premium convenience for gastronomic sector

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:33 PM

CLOSE cooperation between a leading Polish sauce manufacturer, Folwark, and RPC specialists led to introducing a barrier Finesse jar of 2L capacity in order to provide its range with stylish and convenient packaging. Dosing pumps are also used to provide additional advantages for the consumers. The demand for dressings and sauces in Poland is growing fast, reaching the levels of the countries of Western Europe as well as in terms of the quality of the products.
Breakthrough in one-way keg market

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:26 PM

THREE new KeyKeg cooling and dispensing systems that accommodate an equally new disposable dispensing line are double breakthroughs from the KeyKeg consortium that offer the next major improvements in costs, ease of dispensing and contamination risk reduction wherever hygiene is a "none" item. The latest cooling and dispensing systems consist of the first beer and wine coolers with dispensing towers. The combinations are developed for the catering industry and outlets with a lower to moderate volume.
Scale performs through tough daily use

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:31 PM

WHILE most scales in the market are built with complicated structure that trap unwanted product residuals, the latest version Miras series from Sartorius use less material but without compromising on performance. This makes the AISI 304 stainless steel platform much easier to clean and the reduced horizontal surface area on the frame structure also means less risk of contamination. The series consists of 13 models with capacity from 3 to 300 kg, in either an AC or a rechargeable version.
Helping customers reduce food waste

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:57 PM

PLUMROSE, one of the largest U.S. producers of sliced meats, upgraded its line of premium packaged deli meats with a ZIP-PAK DoubleZip resealable closure to help consumers protect the freshness of their packaged foods, which reduces food waste and enhances sustainability The resealable closure features two sets of interlocking profiles that are ergonomically designed to guide consumers' fingers along a path when closing a package, ensuring complete closure after each use.
Inspection system for chips

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:21 PM

HISTORICALLY, kettle chip processors have had to rely on hand sorting because until now, automated inspection systems could not detect problematic clusters. To address this sorting challenge, Key Technology modified its Optyx sorters with a specialized off-belt scanning zone that measures opacity to detect and remove clusters of kettle chips in addition to standard on-belt scanning that identifies defects and foreign material.
Buying food packaging machines ?what makes it easier?

Publish on 2/3/2009 04:02:34 PM

BUYING the right food packaging machines is always a tough task. The challenges are many. Not only that you need to buy something which looks good, but also the machine should be efficient enough to do the job at a great speed helping you save a recognizable amount of money and energy. So the main target while buying a food packaging machine is to see its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Also we are required to give a keen look on its price tag.



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