All praises for Indonesia's largest industrial event

Publish on 1/20/2009 11:01:26 AM

Feedback from the Show's Exhibitors

Publish on 1/20/2009 11:01:54 AM

Steve R Cahoon Global Sales Manager Gala Industries Tel: +1-540 884-2589 Fax: +1-540 884 2310 E-mail: Website:
Emerging plastics powerhouse in Southeast Asia

Publish on 1/19/2009 09:01:02 PM

Water combined with air

Publish on 1/19/2009 08:01:34 PM

Intense R&D focus beats the odds ?Mr. Kenjiro Matsushita, Managing Director, Matsui (Asia) Co. Ltd.

Publish on 1/19/2009 08:01:11 PM

松井公司成立于1912年,由最初的医疗及化学仪器制造商成功转型为今天的塑料处理设备制造商已有数十载,现在,我们可以看到它的足迹遍及亚洲,这得益于它完善的定制系统。接下来,松井又将如何发展其全球攻略呢?本刊特邀松井亚洲常务董事Kenjiro Matsushita先生做客访谈。
RTP Company's new QA laboratory

Publish on 1/19/2009 08:01:27 PM

RTP Company has invested in a state-of-the-art quality assurance (QA) laboratory at its Winona, Minn, USA manufacturing facility. The laboratory provides the company with streamlined operational efficiencies and expanded material testing capabilities necessary to meet the needs of global OEM users of specialty compounds. Recent acquisitions include fully automated robotic mechanical testing, elastomer-specific mechanical testing, and specialized analytical testing.
Vietnam company launches dissolving bags

Publish on 1/19/2009 08:01:40 PM

A Vietnam-based company is releasing its first batch of self-dissolving plastic bags. The bags is a concept of the Centre for Studying and Producing Bio Products (CPBP), Institute of Industrial Chemistry (Vinachem) and New Technology Investment Company. The bags break down into H2O, CO2 and tiny plastic fragments after just a few months when left out in the open and under the sun. The powder continues to break down into the soil without any negative impacts. Dr Nguyen Duc Kham, CSPBP's director, said that the secret lies in the mix of bio-polymers, etc.
Malaysian bioplastic company eyes ME market

Publish on 1/19/2009 08:01:17 PM

Newly incorporated, Golden Composite Sdn Bhd plans is eyeing Middle East countries as its first overseas market for its biodegrable plastic products. The company, set up in September 2008, plans to market 60% of its products overseas while the rest would be for the local market. The company is building a RM23 million plant to produce 3,000 metric tons of biodegradable plastics resin from tapioca starch in the northern peninsular state of Perlis in Malaysia with target completion by end of this year.



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