PET for beverage packaging

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:26 PM

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) continues to show steady growth. Worldwide consumption is about 45 million tons (source: PCI) and this is expected to grow by about 6% annually in the next few years. PET will thus have reached the highest growth rate of any commodity resin as well as most engineering plastics. Table 1 shows the ten largest PET manufacturers, along with their production capacities.
India as a plastics giant

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:15 PM

The show''s importance in the global plastics industry cannot be disregarded. With global plastic consumption projected to expand to 150 million metric tons by 2010, India s thriving plastics industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate of 15% over the years and with its true potential harnessed, it is all set to reach the 12.5 million metric tons consumption mark, making India the third largest consumer of plastics by 2010. To match this figure, India would require 30,000 new machines and around $9.5 billion of project investment.
Major industry players at India

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:08 PM

Response to Plastindia 2009 or the 7th International Plastics Exhibition & onference organized by Plastindia Foundation has been overwhelming as exhibitors from all over the world made their reservation. The six-day mega event, scheduled to take place from 4-9 February 2009 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, is expected to occupy a bigger space, 20% more than it s previous edition.
Underwater palletizing system

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:57 PM

Rieter Automatik GmbH is participating under it s new name, Automatik Plastics Machinery. This is the first time the company exhibits at Arabplast. The company presents the special design of it s SPHERO underwater pelletizer as well as its BAOLI dry cut strand pelletizer. The SPHERO under water pelletizing system is specifically designed for thermoplastics, with its unique knife head design and optimized flow conditions within the cutting chamber ensuring perfectly spherical pellets that are ideal for further processing.
Industry catalyst gets bigger and better

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:03 PM

The plastics industry in the Middle East hass hown remark able development in the past that in the next few years, the industry is expected to grow by 20% annually. The region''s importance in the global global plastics industry cannot be overlooked as it supplies about 80% of crude oil worldwide. Thus, the 9th Arab International Plastic and Rubber Industry Trade Show or ArabPlast 2009 is expected to have more visitors this year to surpass the 14,400+ visitors two years ago.
Setting the trend in technology and product standards

Publish on 3/5/2009 03:03:15 PM

GPI has developed a very sophisticated manufacturing facility and the company constantly invests in the latest technologies in pursuit of excellence.- Mr. Salman Ramadan,General Manager,Gulf Plastic Industries W.L.L.
PVC applications expand

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:20 PM

World wide demand for PVC reached 35.3 million tons in 2007 or 5.1% higher than the year before. Since 2004, it has been climbing at an average annual rate of 5.2%. This worldwide growth was driven mainly by continuing strong demandin Asia, especially in China. However, strong Chine s e demand ha s be en accompanied by the rapidly expanding construction of local PVC production sites. In 2007, China already accounted for over 30% of the world''s PVC production capacity of about 41 million tons.
Innovative clear PLA bottle from Wei Li

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:39 PM

Wei Li Plastics Machinery''s two-stage reheat stretch blow moulding machines have made possible the production of clear water bottles that can be blown from PLA. The bottles, with perfect neck finish and better strength and excellent transparency, is bio-degradable. Wei Li also offers turnkey project upon request, from PLA preform design, bottle design, capping, filling to shrink wrap packaging.



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