JEEN International silicone copolymer patent issued

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:54 PM

JEEN International was recently awarded a key US patent covering its innovative Jeesilc PS Series of silicone copolymers. Recognizing the global importance of patents, JEEN is expanding the international protection for this technology by pursuing patents in critical cosmetic and personal care markets worldwide including Europe, Asia and the Americas. The granted patent and corresponding foreign applications cover the use of this unique technology in a wide range of cosmetic, personal care and dermatologic products.
P.E.T. Engineering launches new lighweight bottles

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:59 PM

P.E.T. Engineering does not aim to achieve easy going records. According to the belief that a PET bottle corresponds to technology, resistance and lightness , and that its design has to be functional, the Research & Development department of P.E.T. Engineering challenged the market, proposing a 0.5 liter bottle with only 6.6 g. PET, which answers exactly to the standards of bottling, palletization, transport and marketing sectors, also concerning the vending machines.
Bruckner steps up activity in CPP markets

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:02 PM

Zhejiang Great South East, one of China''s largest film producers, and Bruckner have successfully completed a brand new high performance CPP line. A perfect cooperation between the experts of both companies led to a swift and smooth start-up. Great South East''s Chief Engineer, Mr. Fang Da Guan, says: "Since the very start of our new line we are continuously running 3 shifts nonstop. Moreover, the line speed has already almost reached the maximum specification. The film quality is absolutely top, our customers are very satisfied.
Water smart drip irrigation symposium

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:07 PM

Maillefer''s drip irrigation pipe symposium held in Ecublens, Switzerland in July 2008 allowed the company to interact with participants and demonstrate its complete PIL 032 extrusion line. The symposium discussed the company''s different in-line dripper designs and their uses. Four line models were presented to meet a variety of drip irrigation lateral requirements.
Lanxess launched innovative technology to treat waste air at its site

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:00 PM

German specialty chemicals company LANXESS has launched operation of a highly modern regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) at its production site at Port Jerǒe. The site has 220 employees producing poly but adiene rubber and solution styrene-butadiene rubber at annual capacity of 140,000 metric tons , primarily for the tire industry. Every hour, the production process generates 130,000 cubic meters of waste air containing rubber particles and solvents in the form of hydrocarbon compounds , mainly hexane .
Borouge and Agility construct facility in Shanghai

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:23 PM

Borouge, a leading porovider of plastics solutions, and Agility, a global logistics provider, broke ground for a new logistics hub in Shanghai t h a t will receive over 600 , 000 tons of polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene) annually. These polymers are used in a wide range of applications including extruded pipe, films and packaging, terraforming and fibers, as well as household and white goods. The 70,000 sq.m. facility, which will serve the China market, will be completed by 2009 and will be fully operational by May 2010. It will employ 120 dedicated Agility staff.
Teknor Apex to produce bioplastics

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:25 PM

Teknor Apex Company signed alicensing agreement with Ceres tech Inc . ona unique method for blending relatively low- cost thermo plastics tarch (TPS) with synthetic polymers or other bio plastics while retaining high level sof key per for mance proper ties . The agreement grants Teknor Apex exclusive worldwide right s to manufacture and market products based on Ceres tech''s patent ed technology and to sublicense use of the blending process.
ECC delivers first of 16 tanks under $2.5M contract

Publish on 3/5/2009 02:03:41 PM

Energy Composites Corporation (ECC) has installed a large-bore, vertically-wound fiber reinforced plastic tank to a large North American manufacturer of chlorine and caustic soda . This 30- foot diameter by 43- foot high tank is the first in a series of 16 tanks that ECC is manufacturing and will deliver over the next several months in order to enable the transformation of manufacturing at a significant chlor-alkali plant to the environmentally ?friendly membrane cell process .



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