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High precision injection molding machines Yizumi Seiki Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the biggest plastic injection molding machine and die casting machine manufacturer in Southern China, makes direct clamping, and toggle clamping high precision machine with clamping force from 30 tons to 2500 tons. All machines are equipped with variable displacement pump. The company's operation is backed by strong product research and development.
Seamless and smooth

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Stronger R&D foundation for improved products

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Also for high temperatures

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Overcoming the ups and downs of a volatile global marketplace

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The uncertainties brought about by the financial crisis in the United States has started to affect the rest of the world. This has caused some jitters to all types of businesses, and the plastics industry is expected to feel the adverse impact of this global phenomenon. As 2009 draws near, the International Plastics News for Asia gathers the insights and forecasts of those in the plastics industry on what they expect and the factors that can affect their market performance and operations in the coming year. This special report covers an excellent mix of respondents: Mr.
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A pioneering spirit in a bold new age Apart from its much sought after PE stretch film making machines and liquid PIB pump system, there's a tough pioneering spirit on display at Chyi Yang or, as they call it in a more literal translation, Cheer Young.
Setting new record in size and relevance

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The importance of one of Asia's and Taiwan's premier trade shows for plastics was emphasized in this year's Taipei Plas which opened on September 18 at the ultra modern and new Nangang Exhibition Center. The general consensus among exhibitors and visitors alike was that the new venue was impressive - despite some frustrations by those who felt that the venue is quite far flung from Taipei City Center.
ISO 15270 to expand plastics recovery and recycling worldwide

Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:47 PM

新的ISO国际标准,即ISO 15270:2008已发布,旨在推进世界各地新生塑料市场的回收与再利用。同时,在面临诸多应战策略时,该标准能协助您选择对于使用后塑料的管理方法及工艺。



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