Helping save the environment, cap by cap

Publish on 8/28/2008 02:08:04 PM

Replacing traditional hinged closures for milk and still beverages in PET with a new 38mm lightweight version is one way to reduce carbon footprint AMONG the ways Dairy and Beverage manufacturers can takes steps towards carbon neutrality is switching to a new 38mm hinged closure targeted at these industries. The lightweight closure, "Galileo" from Bericap, brings new opportunities in packaging of fresh milk, milk based drinks and new beverages for lighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly packaging, for new functionalities and for new aesthetics.
Alternative to PET

Publish on 8/28/2008 02:08:38 PM

Shockproof polystyrene provides a lower cost choice for beverages PRODUCT and packaging design are crucial factors in differentiating a product from rivals, with colors and effects coming to play an increasingly important role. In collaboration with ALPLA, one of the world's largest manufacturers of plastic beverage bottles, BASF has now developed the first bottle made of shockproof polystyrene (PS-I) especially for dairy products.
Apples linked to heart health

Publish on 8/28/2008 02:08:08 PM

Post-menopausal women reap heart-health benefits thanks to flavonoid content APPLES may prove to be a winner when it comes to reducing the risk of heart disease, says a new study of more than 34,000 women. In this study, flavonoid-rich apples were found to be one of three foods (along with red wine and pears) that decrease the risk of mortality for both coronary heart disease (CHD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) among post-menopausal women.
Products and Suppliers

Publish on 8/19/2008 02:08:10 PM

Heritage Avenue Management Sells Solid Carbide Drill Contact Address: 21 Lebuhraya Nipah Bayan Baru 11900 Penang Malaysia Description:
Buying Leads

Publish on 8/19/2008 01:08:57 PM

Zhaoqing City No.2 Machine Tool Works Co. Ltd Buys Die Cutting and Creasing Machine Contact Address: 18 Mei An Road, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China Description:
Crossrail movable CNC double column machining center

Publish on 8/19/2008 01:08:52 PM

The flagship of Ding-Koan Machinery line of CNC double column machining centers the cross rail (W axis) moves above the working piece ensuring the shortest extended length of the spindle, enhancing the performance of machining and prolonging the tooling lifetime. Both the cross rail and column are equipped with a hydraulic locking system to ensure close matching between the cross rail and column, high rigidity and accuracy.
Farman launches cost effective trueing/dressing machine

Publish on 8/19/2008 01:08:58 PM

The cost effective FC-250W from Farman Machinery gives ease and efficiency in trueing and dressing flats, angles, radii and forms on diamond and CBN wheels and wheel packages.
FAG's deep groove ball bearings economical and quiet

Publish on 8/19/2008 01:08:24 PM

FAG's new Generation C deep groove ball bearing operates more quietly and efficiently, it is more reliable and offers better performance than its predecessor. Thanks to its 50-percent reduced noise level, this bearing is in particular suited for applications where low noise and smooth operation play an important role, for example in electrical motors for the consumer goods industry.



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