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Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:35 PM

A pioneering spirit in a bold new age Apart from its much sought after PE stretch film making machines and liquid PIB pump system, there's a tough pioneering spirit on display at Chyi Yang or, as they call it in a more literal translation, Cheer Young.
Setting new record in size and relevance

Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:27 PM

The importance of one of Asia's and Taiwan's premier trade shows for plastics was emphasized in this year's Taipei Plas which opened on September 18 at the ultra modern and new Nangang Exhibition Center. The general consensus among exhibitors and visitors alike was that the new venue was impressive - despite some frustrations by those who felt that the venue is quite far flung from Taipei City Center.
ISO 15270 to expand plastics recovery and recycling worldwide

Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:47 PM

新的ISO国际标准,即ISO 15270:2008已发布,旨在推进世界各地新生塑料市场的回收与再利用。同时,在面临诸多应战策略时,该标准能协助您选择对于使用后塑料的管理方法及工艺。
When two come together

Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:01 PM

Incorporating fillers and additives broadens the property profile and thus the field of application of plastics. Production of material compounds is a common practice in plastics processing, but for economic reasons is generally limited to situations typified by large quantities and a standard assortment. Demand for special compounds, usually involving custom formulation sand amounts, will grow to the same extent that plastic applications expand into new niches.
Precise, reliable performance from tools aid plastics makers ?Ms. Jessie Lee, Managing Director, Progressive Components (Asia) Pte Ltd

Publish on 11/18/2008 05:11:01 PM

Unique positioning enhanced by more responsive customer support has allowed the company to expand its market share and product development significantly in the Asian markets. 桵s. Jessie Lee
Safe-Lock modification for cutting tool shanks

Publish on 10/27/2008 04:10:16 PM

Haimer introduces "Safe-Lock," the anti-pull out grooves, which can be added to the shank of cutting tools to prevent the tool from twisting out of the tool holder during extreme machining conditions. This added groove modification on the cutting tool shank works opposite the cutting direction of the flutes, assuring the proper gripping on the cutting tool.
HSD130 offers benefits over oxyfuel systems

Publish on 10/27/2008 04:10:42 PM

Hypertherm announces the official launch of the HySpeed Plasma HSD130 mechanized cutting system. The HSD130 can cut up to seven times faster than oxyfuel systems achieving higher productivity at a lower cost-per-meter run. No pre-heating or noticeable pierce delay is required in preparation for piercing and cutting, allowing more time for production cutting. Production pierce capability is 25mm and maximum cutting is at 38mm.
Secure, accurate profiling in small part machining

Publish on 10/27/2008 04:10:05 PM

Sandvik Coromant is introducing CoroTurn TR rigid interface profiling tools with new tool holders and zero offset that allow the system to be used in sliding head machines. The high stability and close machining tolerances possible with CoroTurn TR make it suitable for demanding turning operations in small part machining. CoroTurn TR offers rigid tool holding with the iLock interface for precise, repeatable profiles and continuous operation from sliding head tools.



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