Higher performance and dynamism for Allrounder A

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:23 PM

Arburg wouldn't be Arburg if it weren't constantly thinking up new well thought-out ways of expanding the modular Allrounder range. One new addition relates to the movement axes on the largest electric model to date, the Allrounder 570 A with a clamping force of 2,000 kN. Like many extensions and refinements to the Arburg range, this development was largely brought about in response to customer requests.
The world's biggest injection molding machine by ENGEL

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:37 PM

ENGEL has broken all previous records with a two platen machine with a clamping force of 55,000 kN and three injection units. The duo 5500 not only supports shot weights of up to 140 kg with its three injection units, but is also very economical with its extremely low energy consumption. The 25 meter injection molding machine has a total weight of 585 tons. Add to this the mold weight of up to 160 tons. Due to its size the machine had to be sunk 2 meters into the ground.
Makrolon polycarbonate

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:51 PM

The Makrolon polycarbonate is the best-known brand in the Bayer Material Science portfolio and one of the best-selling in the entire Bayer Group. Products made of Makrolon?and its variants are employed in the automotive industry and the electrical and electronics segments. It is frequently used instead of glass for the construction of car roofs, as it is lighter,more shock resistant and offers much more freedom to designers. Besides the principal product, Makrolon?
Indonesia's plastics industry catches up

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:12 PM

With faster-than-expected growth and more favorable indicators showing renewed business and consumer confidence, Indonesia is now back on its track. Even with some setbacks, the country is well on its way to joining the rank of attractive trade and investment havens in Southeast Asia. This year alone, it is projected to hit record foreign and domestic investment and the trend is expected to continue even in 2009.
New thermoplastic powder for selective laser sinteringDominik Rietzel Ernst Schmachtenberg et at

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:21 PM

Contrary to classical plastic processing methods, the choice of materials for selective laser sintering (SLS) - and thereby also the range of possible application areas - is limited. Recent work has shown that plastics, which previously were unsuitable for SLS, can now be processed into powders for the fabrication of complex components. First trials with POM resulted in parts with appealing surfaces and good mechanical properties.
Seven Ocean Hydraulics: Looking for new markets to conquer

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:09 PM

True to its name Seven Oceans Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd has its sights firmly set on markets abroad but it isn' t going to neglect Taiwan as it has always been a niche market for this hydraulic valve maker, founded by John Chen, a former factory manager for Northman, 20 years ago in the city of Sanchong. The company has since then opened factories across the Taiwan Straits in Songjian near Shanghai and Taichung.
Tung Yu: In time and sync with the world

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:57 PM

It's the ceramic wall clocks indicating time in major world cities and comfy designer-made chairs in the reception area that give a prospective client and visitor a first positive insight into the international style that characterizes the management of Tung Yu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Innovations in biofuel and bioplastics emphasized

Publish on 9/12/2008 05:09:16 PM

The impact of climate change and other issues related to environment degradation has pushed the world into thinking of safer and greener alternatives. It is no denying that climate change has the potential to cause massive damage in lives and properties that the world is now placing more emphasis on reducing the carbon emission. Aggravated by the reality of diminishing stock of fuel and fast-rising oil prices, many countries are also seeking other options.



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