That canned drink? Chill, open?re-seal

Publish on 8/29/2008 05:08:55 PM

OWING to a new type of can end made of plastic and aluminum, it is now possible to re-seal both steel and aluminum cans after initial opening. This is a decisive advantage for the can, which already scores highly with brilliant printability, fast chilling, long shelf life and recyclability. After many years of development work, Ball Packaging Europe is launching an innovation on the market that has what it takes to become a real classic: the resealable beverage can.
Adding fiber to confectionery products

Publish on 8/29/2008 05:08:43 PM

THE task of defining dietary fiber has stimulated considerable debate over a period of many years, and today there is still no universally accepted definition of dietary fiber. However, fiber can be defined in many ways based on origin, chemical structure, analytical methodology and physiological impact. ILSI Europe recently published a Concise Monograph on Dietary Fiber, which describes the trend towards a physiological definition of fiber and links this to a range of health benefits.
Meat products to fit the wellness trend

Publish on 8/29/2008 05:08:18 PM

CONSUMER demand for nutritionally balanced food products, including meat products, continues to grow. Wellness, convenience and added value are part of this trend. In meat products health is closely linked to lowering the fat content, and the number of fat-reduced meat products in the market is constantly increasing. Inulin, a soluble fiber derived from the chicory root, is an ingredient often mentioned on the ingredient list of these products. Different insoluble fibers are also being used with varying success.
Serving food with less acrylamide

Publish on 8/29/2008 05:08:50 PM

RESULTS and recommendations from several recent studies are increasing health concerns regarding acrylamide in various food products. Acrylamide is naturally produced when starchy foods are fried or baked at high temperatures; and is a chemical substance causing serious health concerns.
Purr-fect container

Publish on 8/28/2008 03:08:04 PM

It's the cat's meow when it comes to pet food packaging WHILE cats tend to be discriminating, cat owners are picky, too! Pet food buyers don't want to handle heavy, unwieldy bags, especially when there is a better solution. Retailers also are looking for better solutions. Recognizing this, Del Monte Pet Products turned to Sonoco for its "Dorpak" containers, stackable, recloseable, environmentally friendly, large format packages that provide superior performance in stores and in the hands of cat owners.
On the right track

Publish on 8/28/2008 03:08:30 PM

A multi-product dairy company sorts various cartons using a cutting-edge vision sensor GERMAN dairy producer Hochwald Nahrungsmittel-Werke GmbH mapped out the route for worldwide success years ago with its high-quality B鋜enmarke and Glücksklee brands, and various export products. Approximately 180 people are employed at the Weiding factory in Polling, southern Germany, which turns about 200 million liters of milk per year into condensed milk, milk-powder specialties, and fresh products.
New levels of hygiene in thermoforming

Publish on 8/28/2008 03:08:53 PM

New generation of thermoformers were designed with 'Clean & Clever' in mind, including optional CIP THE new generation of thermoforming machines is now available for all application and performance classes. The high performance machine R 535 has already been installed in a range of applications.
Pouch perfect

Publish on 8/28/2008 03:08:01 PM

A complete pouch packaging range, from FFS machines to palletizer, is in line with this trend POUCHES are enjoying widespread popularity in the food, beverage, and non-food sectors. Several factors that benefit the producer, the retailer and the consumer are contributing to the trend towards this type of flexible packaging. For brand owners, one significant aspect is certainly the great attractiveness of the pouch style of packaging with its broader field to enhance the appeal and the brand message.



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