Good use for potato waste

Publish on 3/20/2018 07:03:11 PM

Potato waste processing may lead to enhanced food waste conversion  
Why choose metal closures?

Publish on 3/20/2018 06:03:56 PM

Metal caps and closures are not only recyclable, their lithographic attributes can help create eye-catching prints, writes JONEL GUITTAP  
Q&A with Rubiyat CEO Sharan Balani

Publish on 3/20/2018 05:03:37 PM

Rubiyat makes international health food products easily accessible to consumers in Indonesia, writes SHELOMITA SAVITRI  
Philippines top exports grew in 2018

Publish on 3/19/2018 10:03:47 PM

The Philippine Statistics Authority recorded higher exports for mango, coconut oil, bananas, and tuna  
IFEX highlights Philippines’ seafood

Publish on 3/19/2018 07:03:27 PM

The International Food Exhibition (IFEX) Philippines 12th edition taps growing seafood market 
(Photo: Dreamstime)
Microplastics found in bottled water

Publish on 3/19/2018 05:03:12 PM

Leading brands of bottled water contain microplastics according to Orb Media study; among brands tested were Aqua in Indonesia and Wahaha in China
Green tea finds use in cancer therapy

Publish on 3/19/2018 03:03:50 PM

Green tea antioxidant as part of carrier system significantly improves drug delivery to tumor site, according to IBN (A*STAR) scientists  
Firmenich opens new center in Bangkok

Publish on 3/16/2018 10:03:46 PM

The culinary hub in Thailand connects Firmenich flavorists, food technologists and chefs with customers looking to develop savory and sweet products