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Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East
Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2017-09
HAVE you ever told someone: If my production is running efficiently without IoT, why should I adopt it now? Fair question. But if you could make your production run more efficiently – would you think twice in adopting IoT? The food and beverage industry has yet to get used to the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) being a part of everyday processes. There’s always some resistance to adopting new technology when there’s insufficient knowledge about it, or if cost is an issue. According to experts, IoT can help bring down cost, enhance product quality and safety, track and trace products in transit, and so on. Being able to prevent production issues before they occur is a giant leap in efficiency. That’s just one of the benefits. Cutting waste is another. To know more, read our report on how IoT is changing the food and beverage sector. Also in this issue, we give you a market overview of Iran and Turkey, two of the fastest developing food and beverage markets in the region. On the cover, we feature sweet confections to highlight the development of new ingredients
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2017-2
    ANYWHERE in the world, there remain nutritional challenges to be addressed although much has been accomplished by the combined efforts of governments, organizations, and industry, to deal with malnutrition. Industry continues to play its role in stemming problems related to nutrition and health, but evidently much more must be done. In the Middle East, food fortification tackles inadequate intake of vitamin A and D, and iron. Read the report on page 9. In this issue, read an overview of the Saudi Arabia food and beverage market which continues to grow and attract new as well as popular brands, one of them, Barilla. According to this report by Zainab Mansoor, the country’s food service sales in 2016 was estimated to reach $8.88 billion, or close to half of the GCC’s. In boardroom connection, get to know more about Boncafe Middle East, a one-stop shop for coffee and equipment in Dubai.
  • Food Manufacturing Journal  - Middle East
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2016-11
    WE’RE all interested in what’s new, so this issue brings you the latest products for the food and beverage industry. Among packaging innovations are a metal can design that allows users to fill dry products through the base of the can and seam on a non-easy-open end without having to make changes to the filling line; vacuum skin films for enhanced on-shelf presentation; and a continuous ink jet printing system for those that require only up to two lines of printed text, graphics and barcodes as well as images from 2mm to 12mm on their products. Snack manufacturers may be interested in a continuous potato chip fryer with several features including patented technology to ensure evenly fried potato slices. It also limits the formation of acrylamides and reduces the amount of rejects. For companies that process powders, consider the new vertical dryer claimed to reduce cycle times. We also feature hoists and cranes that can be used in dust-laden atmospheres or other explosion-hazardous areas such as the chemical manufacture and processing environments. Last but not le
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East  - September 2016
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2016-9
    COMPANIES are getting ready for the MEASA’s key trade show, Gulfood Manufacturing taking place from 7-9 November 2016. This show attracts around 35,000 visitors from the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, looking to upgrade processes for better cost efficiency and sustainability, and to taste the latest ingredients and additives for product development. About 1,500 local and international exhibitors will introduce their region-appropriate raw materials and ingredients, packaging equipment, and processing solutions. So, I take this opportunity to wish all participants the best at this event. In the pages of this September issue, you will find tried-and-tested packaging and processing solutions that will be showcased at the Gulfood event. Read about how these solutions have boosted the efficiency of their customers. We also feature technologies that will one day soon be ready to improve snack processing, food preparation, as well as quality testing (see research on p12 and quality & safety on p26), and new products and services to make your own business even
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East  - May 2016
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2016-5
    According to the World Trade Organization, imports to Iran accounted for some US$12.695 billion in 2014, while exports reached $5.564 billion. The opportunities to boost trade with Iran continue to grow as economic sanctions were lifted this year. Ireland for one, is prepared to increase its business in Iran where it recently sent a trade mission. According to Bord Bia, Ireland’s food board, the country's exports to Iran in 2015 reached €3.6 million for products like juices, butter, prepared foods, and meat. While Iran is a strong importer of many food and beverage products such as meat, non-alcoholic beverages, dairy, fruit and vegetables, cereal, curd, confectionery, grains as well as ready meals, it also aims to strengthen its own food and beverage processing industry. In order to do so it requires modern machinery, equipment and technology.
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East  - February 2016
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East 2016-2
    Market snapshot: Turkish delights were dancing in my head while I was going over this month’s article on Turkey’s food and beverage market. But I have yet to savor an authentic one. With over 78 million consumers, Turkey is indeed an attractive market, so we bring you the latest industry stats in market snapshot. Boardroom connection: It was a real treat putting together this issue. Aside from Turkish food, there’s Italian truffle. If truffle oil, butter, caviar and carpaccio are your thing, then do get in touch with the Truffle Man himself Massimo Vidoni in Dubai. We have his details in this section. Ingredients: From South Australia, the company Greenwheat Freekeh is expanding its market for freekeh, which comes from a nutritious grain called greenwheat. With freekeh, you can add potassium, calcium, fiber and other nutrients to everyday meals like salads, cereal, and baked goods. Dialogue: For the first time, we speak to Brazil’s chocolate and confectionery organization, ABICAB, which has a membership of 90 companies including Peccin and Nugali. ABICAB and its m
  • Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa - December 2015
    Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East & Africa 2015-12
    NEEDLESS to say, health and nutrition trends are starting to drive more new product developments in the Middle East and Africa which continue to face their share of over- and undernutrition issues. A product that has been formulated with an ingredient or ingredients that can provide some health-giving component is viewed with more regard by end-consumers, and the company that formulates it gains the consumer’s trust. In this issue, Hans Schinck of Corbion Purac writes an article on fortifying beverages with calcium, one of the main benefits of which is to fight osteoporosis. Also for better bones, Gelita highlights its many collagen peptide products for stronger ligaments and joints. Other fortification updates in this issue include Nestlé South Africa’s successful addition of morogo, a nutritious green leafy vegetable found in Africa, to one of the world’s most popular snacks, instant noodles.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-11
    In this issue, we bring you the special report, Outlook 2016, which compiles the insights of industry experts on upcoming trends and developments that would impact their operations in 2016 and beyond. Ringier Trade Media Editorial Team selects representatives of organisations and companies every year for this special report. In this issue, we invited companies that have made significant contributions to the industry through their breakthrough products aimed at bringing benefits to various industries relying on plastics and rubber. The packaging industry has taken advantage of the innovations in stretch blow moulding technologies launched these days. The resulting products are of high quality and have excellent shelf appeal aside from complying with strict standards. Painting of plastic parts has become a lot more cost-efficient due to the availability of various techniques that guarantee strong economic efficiency and sustainability.
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    Expanding horizons for automotive technology

    Solid Edge University this year was conducted in Indianapolis. Siemens employees, developers, channel partners, and the press attended the 3 day gala event.  

    Creating winning foods for the silver-hair market

    For the elderly, food must not only meet their nutritional needs, but the packaging has to be easy to open, reminds Jo Smewing*

    new 3D printing materials

    Evonik Industries is driving forward its commitment to the attractive 3D printing market: The specialty chemicals company will participate in HP Inc.’s Open Platform program and introduce new customized powder materials to the market for HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.   

    LPKF PowerWeld 6600

    LPKF is presenting a brand new technology on booth E04 in Hall 11 at K show 2016. "Wobbling" enables the LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000 to join large components of up to 100 cm x 70 cm with welds of between one and five millimeter width. It can also handle height differences.