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Happi China 2020-7
Ever since its first publication nearly ten years ago, Happi China has become a leading publication in China's household and personal care industry, providing an effective and comprehensive platform for the decision makers of outsourcing, R&D and marketing in this prosperous industry. So, what set us apart and make our readers choose Happi China over others? Informative content, the attractive ways it is accessed, and as a result, higher level of reader engagement and satisfaction. Happi China, in a strategic editorial partnership with HAPPI and Beauty Packaging of US and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, provides in-depth coverage ranging from latest R&D to market trends on formulating, testing and processing as well as packaging and contract manufacturing. Furthermore, such comprehensive content is now presented through interactive multimedia, on a bilingual vertical website with daily updates and online exclusives, biweekly e-newsletters, and e-magazines, which also can be easily accessed as Apps on iTunes and Google Play. In an effort to m
  • Happi Asia
    Happi Asia 2015-10
    Divest or diversify, time for a change When talking about the growth of any industry, being prepared to fight slowdown in the global economic activity is a must. Divest or diversify seems to be a good solution for some companies. Although it is not usually the first choice of strategy for a business. However, as product demand changes and firms alter their strategies, there will always be some portion of the business that is not performing to management's expectations. We learned about the recent activities of many top players in the industry, for example P&G. The company is selling up to 100 brands to refocus on its core business, while Unilever on the other hand is acquiring a range of premium brands in an effort to expand in skin care arena. However, there are still major players headquartered in Asia where brighter prospects are still widely predicted in Happi. Our annual report, The Asia Top, unveils how they have managed to maintain or even strengthen their leading positions in the past year. As you can read, few of them are holding back the businesses, and
  • International Packaging News for China
    International Packaging News for China 2015-7
    International Packaging News for China (IPN) has been the leading for the country's packaging industry for the past 17 years in China, In a strategic editorial partnership with Packaging World of the US and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, IPN is not only able to provide in-depth coverage ranging from the latest R&D to emerging market trends, updates on application and converting technology, automation, materials, as well as packaging printing, but also presents comprehensive content through a multimedia platform that includes e-magazines, a Packaging website with daily updates and online exclusives, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and interactive Apps with links to iTunes and Google Play. For packaging machinery and material suppliers, International Packaging News for China is an effective interactive platform which provides in-house packaging, contract packaging, and converting professionals with their latest technologies and solutions. Through a dedicated Packaging vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online f
  • Happi Asia
    Happi Asia 2015-7
    Dealing with Smog, Dirt and Dust A CREATIVE approach is a requirement to find success in the Vietnamese beauty market, we learn from entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Minh Thu. Her company, Nhan Sac Viet, is competing in a sector where foreign-owned companies dominate with around 80% market share. As she relates in Happi Word, Ms. Nguyen uses a very personalized client service strategy. In five years, this approach has created a niche market for the Korean and Japanese brands the company distributes in Viet Nam as well as its own products – a number of them anti-aging solutions, which are very much in line with the global trend. This trend has very much to do with consumers relying on beauty products to protect themselves from the impact of pollution, particularly the way it contributes to skin aging. Primary skin problems and extrinsic aging associated with air pollution include dehydration, redness, age spots, increased wrinkling, eczema and acne. Anti-pollution cleansers, creams, facial mists and wipes, among others, make a variety of claims from anti-stress, whitenin
  • Industrial Robotics for China
    Industrial Robotics for China 2015-4
    Industrial Robotics for China (IRC) print magazines and digital e-magazines, in a strategic editorial partnership with China Industrial Reporter and backed by a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, bring manufacturers and processors the latest in robotic and automation technology for industrial automation, intelligent control and industrial solutions. This multimedia platform helps managers improve productivity, reduce cost and turn innovations into real competitive advantages. The print and digital magazines, along with a dedicated vertical, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and magazine apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play, are source of up-to-date reports on automation and robotic technologies, R&D, industry trends and market developments. For suppliers, Industrial Robotics for China is an effective interactive platform which provides professionals with their latest technology and solutions. Through a dedicated Industrial Robots vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online features, videos and reports on m
  • Happi Asia
    Happi Asia 2015-3
    Innovation, constantly evolving IS the most talked-about topic across the full business spectrum for years, about to lose its luster? Its definition is still elusive. Something different/novel? Perhaps a new idea, device, or process? Or filling an untapped customer need? Different companies will probably come up with different answers for what INNOVATION really is. Indeed, while increasingly regarded as a cliché and in danger of losing its meaning, innovation has also been constantly evolving either by getting more specific, like "open innovation" and "disruptive innovation" or completely changing the term to "invention". No matter how widely it is defined, however, the ultimate goal of innovation largely remains unanimous: To create value for customers. This is also an important benefit highlighted by all winners of this year's China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards (CPCIA). Looking across all categories of CPCIA 2015, winning products have never been so committed to added-value than ever before. Whether sourced exotically, manufactured/ processed un
  • HAPPI Asia 2014-10
    A Catalyst for Change AS we were putting this issue to bed, marches against climate change were taking place ahead of the UN Climate Summit 2014 in New York, where business leaders were expected to take part. Businesses, through their “ambitious vision and commitments” have a crucial role to play, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. This year also marks the 15-year anniversary of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) review, the first global index to track leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide. The index is based on an analysis of companies’ economic, environmental and social performance, including areas such as corporate governance, climate strategy, supply chain standards and labor practices. Unilever NV has been in the global list, DJSI World, since it was first issued in 1999. Bayer AG, parent of polymers specialist Bayer MaterialScience, has also been in the list for 15 consecutive years. This signifies these companies’ commitment to their sustainable goals – not easy, as the number of companies stricken off the list this year (46 in
  • HAPPI Asia 2014-6
    THE approach towards beauty has never been so holistic. When it comes to looking good, today’s consumers increasingly opt for oral-taken nutricosmetics to complement their topical products. Especially in Asia Pacific where consumers have long been aware of the role of foods and dietary supplements in beauty and the concept of beauty-from-within sits well with traditional herbal medicine; Japan by far remains the largest market globally for nutricosmetics, followed by China with great growth potential. As sales of beauty-from-within category are very much at home in the Asian market, the Eastern influence is also spreading to the West. With anti-ageing demand being required across all demographics globally and nutricosmetics aligning closely with such demands, this increasing consumer receptiveness to beauty-from-within has opened the way for nutricosmetics growth. As such, we are now witnessing a broadening variety of nutricosmetics in order to appeal to different consumer groups, such as gummy bears for hair and nail care, or de-tox drink for anti-acne. Cha
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