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International Pharmaceutical News for China
International Pharmaceutical News for China 2020-6
In a strategic editorial partnership with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Contract Pharma of US and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, International Pharmaceutical News for China has been the leading media for China pharmaceutical industry for the past 8 years. Providing an interactive platform for decision makers in pharmaceutical formulation, processing and packaging industries, International Pharmaceutical News for China is not only able to provide in-depth coverage ranging from pharmaceutical ingredients to drug delivery systems, processing technology, quality control, automation as well as packaging, but also presents its comprehensive content through multimedia. These include e-magazines, fully interactive magazine Apps including video links on iTunes and Google Play, a pharmaceutical website with daily updates and online exclusives, and bi-weekly e-newsletters. With such current, informative and attractive content in both digital and printed forms, International Pharmaceutical News for China offers the most effective communication package
  • Medical Manufacturing and Design for China
    Medical Manufacturing and Design for China 2020-5
    Medical Manufacturing and Design for China is published 6 times a year in Chinese by Ringier Trade Media, Ltd. The portfolio also includes e-magazines, a medical products website with daily updates and online exclusives, and biweekly e-newsletters. With such current, informative and attractive content in both digital and printed forms, Medical Manufacturing and Design for China offers the latest industry trends and technology innovations, including medical devices, product development and design, materials, production process, electronics, pumps, connectors and regulatory updates.
  • Medical Pharmaceutical Asia
    Medical Pharmaceutical Asia 2015-5
    Brave, new world A lot of media hype has whipped up interest in 3D printing with respect to healthcare. Additive manufacturing has not yet been propelled to a stage where human organs are being printed so that they can be transplanted, but one of the most exciting fields has to be the biofabrication of three-dimensional living human cells and tissues that can be used to fast-track drug development. Customization is one of the great benefits of 3D printing, and in the medical field prosthetic and implant customization is an area that can be routine, say printing dentures, or lifesaving, as in custom designing an air splint to open airways and restore breathing for three young lads - for that story, turn to page 12.
  • Industrial Robotics for China
    Industrial Robotics for China 2015-4
    Industrial Robotics for China (IRC) print magazines and digital e-magazines, in a strategic editorial partnership with China Industrial Reporter and backed by a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, bring manufacturers and processors the latest in robotic and automation technology for industrial automation, intelligent control and industrial solutions. This multimedia platform helps managers improve productivity, reduce cost and turn innovations into real competitive advantages. The print and digital magazines, along with a dedicated vertical, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and magazine apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play, are source of up-to-date reports on automation and robotic technologies, R&D, industry trends and market developments. For suppliers, Industrial Robotics for China is an effective interactive platform which provides professionals with their latest technology and solutions. Through a dedicated Industrial Robots vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online features, videos and reports on m
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Asia - February 2015
    Medical & Pharmaceutical Asia 2015-2
    ASIA has become one of the fastest-growing markets for pharmaceutical products, and consequently, also attracting a large number of multinational organizations involved in clinical and contract research, clinical trial management system (CTMS). Improved industry regulatory laws and patent expiration laws in various countries are driving this expansion, and no one can deny that the cost of conducting clinical trials in Asia is lower compared to conducting similar trials in the U.S or Europe. One of the fastest growing research organizations, iMEDGlobal, is the latest entrant into the region, where other players are Quintiles, Covance, PRA Health Sciences and Paraxel. Investing in a $3-million center of excellence in Manila, the company expects to serve local and multinational companies in the Philippines as well as clients in East and Southeast Asia.
  • Medical Products Asia 2012-11
    With rising rates of morbid obesity, the number of bariatric surgery procedures is likely to increase, according to a review on current practices by Drs Bruce Wolfe and Erin Gilbert of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. At the same time, there will be a fast-growing population of patients seeking bodycontouring procedures after bariatric surgery. There are three main options for bariatric surgery (considered for patients who are unable to achieve a 5% decrease in weight with diet and lifestyle modifications): adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, and “Roux-en-Y” gastric bypass. The expected percentage of excess weight loss is about 48% after adjustable gastric banding and 61% after sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass, according to Drs Wolfe and Gilbert. Of these three options, gastric bypass is the most popular procedure because it results in greater weight loss and less weight regain. It also performs best in terms of resolving obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Gastric banding, howev
  • Medical Products Asia 2012-9
    AS retiring boomers and emerging markets demand better healthcare, the global market for medical imaging equipment is setto reach $25.3 billion by 2015 - that's the assessment from analystsTechNavio. Growth in the Global Medical Imaging Equipment market is projected 4% CAGR to that year. We can well accept these figures given the expansion Medical Products Asia is witnessing in China, where new builds are beingfinanced both publicly and privately. The number of private hospitalsin the country has increased 20.6% year-on-year to 8,947, accordingto statistics released in May by the Ministry of Health. Meanwhile Beijing itself is committed to improving its primary healthcarefacilities and backing specialist hospitals, from orthopaedic centresto traditional Chinese medicine centres. In Southeast Asia, the healthcare sector is attracting foreign investments as well since the revenues in the region's healthcare sector could account for one-third of the global market in 2015, according Frost & Sullivan. The research firm estimates that 5million beds, or 25%, will be pro
  • Medical Products Asia 2012-4
    Dear readers, "Statistics show the alarming rise of individuals afflicted with diabetes. Alongside these rates is the rise of products to help people counter the disease and to empower them to manage this persistent illness." MEDICAL PRODUCTS ASIA April 2012 issue puts diabetes on spotlight together with the products and supplies related to its testing, treatment, and self-management. We have a "Diabetes Treatment Made Easy" article (pages 16 and 17) and a "Diabetes Care" supplement in our Featured Products section (pages 26–35). Check out the 27 diabetes care products and supplies, including lancets, blood glucose monitors, insulin pens, and insulin pumps. Read more product news on pages 6–14 about diabetes care, respiratory care, healthcare imaging, implants, and research. Hospital furniture is featured on page 19, with highlights on hospital beds and medical carts. Business intelligence company Epsicom predicts that the global telemonitoring market will reach USD 1 billion in 3 years' time (page 20). Our Singapore correspondent reports about th
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    As with other industries, coronavirus brings uncertainty to the poultry market; Avian flu, and African swine fever also impact production and trade.



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