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International Plastics News - Middle East
International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-11
In this issue, we bring you the special report, Outlook 2016, which compiles the insights of industry experts on upcoming trends and developments that would impact their operations in 2016 and beyond. Ringier Trade Media Editorial Team selects representatives of organisations and companies every year for this special report. In this issue, we invited companies that have made significant contributions to the industry through their breakthrough products aimed at bringing benefits to various industries relying on plastics and rubber. The packaging industry has taken advantage of the innovations in stretch blow moulding technologies launched these days. The resulting products are of high quality and have excellent shelf appeal aside from complying with strict standards. Painting of plastic parts has become a lot more cost-efficient due to the availability of various techniques that guarantee strong economic efficiency and sustainability.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-9
    This issue brings into focus the plastics industry’s response to the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, which has swept Europe’s industrial world. This is not new to the plastics industry as many big players have started to undertake initiatives that will lead to further upgrade of their production process through digitalisation and automation. And even though Industry 4.0 originated in Europe, this will have its impact on the rest of the world as companies have gone global in their operations. The role of engineering plastics in bringing quality, high strength and lightweight products has expanded given the vast range of materials available today. Two major sectors which have been benefi ting from these new materials are automotive and medical. West Africa is a region to watch in the years to come due to its emerging industries. In particular, its packaging industry increasingly demands new machines and raw materials.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-7
    Auxiliary equipment are vital to plastics manufacturing, and the wide range of highly-efficient models of chillers, dryers and other materials handling equipment are bringing substantial improvement to production. In this issue, we highlight the benefits of new auxiliary equipment in reducing costs and ensuring efficient production. Impurities in plastic pellets have to be detected and sorted out effectively. Dr. C. Frank of SIKORA AG shares his expertise on a new technical approach to detect even the smallest pellet impurities, and how a combination of X-ray technology and optical system can do the job. Chinaplas 2015 had a successful edition in Guangzhou and many exhibitors interviewed by the Ringier Editorial Team are optimistic of the Asian market as they expect high demand for their products in this dynamic region.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-5
    High-performance resins for ultra-high strength, temperature –resistant and cost-efficient infrastructure supplies are fast gaining importance as replacement for metal. In this issue, we look at the requirements of Middle East’s infrastructure sector and how companies are developing special materials to replace the traditional metal. All-electric injection moulding machines in the market today are getting better, offering high productivity at lower energy cost. An expanding selection of these machines is now available to manufacture large-volume products for a wider range of applications. Green Middle East 2015, the region’s leading environmental management and technology exhibition, is the first of its kind green event in the Middle East. This event will see key strategic partners join hands for a greener, more sustainable region. Another article looks at the medical sector and how new polymers are meeting stringent standards in terms of safety and ease of use of medical devices.
  • International Metalworking News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-3
    This month, NPE 2015 takes place and we will be reporting on that major event both in print and online. NPE 2015 will be an exciting edition since it is expected to break the biggest edition recorded in its history. Another important exhibition to catch is Chinaplas 2015 and we have a Special Supplement in this issue to give readers the show's highlights and products on exhibit two months before the show in Guangzhou. Large diameter pipe extrusion is a demanding process, and machines nowadays have been specially developed to meet the requirements for the production of bigger sized plastic pipes at lower costs. The consumer electronics sector continues to benefit from the collaboration of machinery manufacturers and materials solutions companies to develop electronic parts and components meant to create sleek and high performance gadgets.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa - January 2015
    International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2015-1
    This year opens with a major trade show in Dubai – Arabplast 2015. The show has gained tremendous following, both from exhibitors and visitors, who flock to the show every edition to check out the products on exhibit and obtain valuable information on processing technologies, new materials and other products and service. In this issue, we have a Special Supplement on Arabplast which includes the show’s highlights and products on exhibit. With the UAE becoming an important plastics hub in the Middle East, this year is expected to see a lot of active participation and business deals at the show. Many thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) available today offer processors the perfect combination of properties of plastics and elastomers, which significantly improves product design and development. With a lot of companies now looking for special properties to enhance their finished products, we expect to see further improvement in new TPEs that will be launched in the future.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-11
    This is a very important issue as we bring you the Outlook 2015, a special report that provides the trends and forecast on the plastics and rubber industry in the Middle East and African regions. In this special report, we selected and invited companies that have made their mark in the industry through their innovative products and how these products would respond to the trends and developments in the coming year and beyond. I always look forward to getting the responses from companies and learning from the insights of industry experts. The TaipeiPLAS 2014 post-show review is also included in this issue. The show had a successful edition and reflected the growing strength of Taiwan's plastics machinery industry. Thermoforming machines today provide special packaging products with the necessary features that make them functional and attractive at the same time. The integration of IML in the line to decorate packaging in the thermoforming process has created multiple benefits to packaging manufacturers.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-9
    In this issue, we had the chance to interview a leading company in South Africa. Like many major players in the industry, this company has launched numerous products with sustainability in mind. Its commitment to reduce plastics in landfills has become a priority influencing the development of new packaging for consumer products. The TaipeiPLAS 2014 Special Supplement is Ringier Trade Media's way of letting our readers be aware of the products that will be on exhibit before they attend the trade show. In this issue, we present the highlights of the exhibition, plus the latest products that will surely capture the interest of visitors. X-ray technology for composites pipes production can go a long way to improve the quality of the final product. In this issue, we stressed the many advantages of an effective X-ray technology in ensuring smooth production process to turn excellent product quality.
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