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Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2011-8
This issue carries reviews of two major shows in Asia – CHINAPLAS and Manufacturing Expo. Both shows recorded large exhibitor and visitor attendance this year. They also succeeded in presenting the most advanced equipment, technologies and raw materials available in the market today – all for the benefits of the various industries dependent on plastics and rubber. The exhibitors interviewed this year by our editorial team in these two shows agreed that the global economy is on its way to recovery. There may be some glitches along the way but these are not enough to discourage further investments. They also believe that the trends towards "green" technology and cost-saving solutions are pushing the industry to a higher level in terms of production efficiency and sustainability. The medical sector benefits from recent R&D efforts to enhance high-performance materials. One development is the use of a compound to replace PVC in the production of medical tubing. Another is the launch of the first fully-adjustable plastic positioning support for orthopaedic trauma su
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2011-7
    Recent advances in materials science now enable the production of new aircraft systems components using polymer materials, such as polyimides. These high-performance parts help fortify aircraft systems, provide longer life and reduce aircraft maintenance costs. There is a growing demand for non-phthalate plasticisers, and companies are now rushing to fill such demand and to meet regulatory approvals for safe use in various applications. These non-phthalate alternatives are also seeing rising demand in the Middle East. With the economic crisis subsiding in the Gulf region, we see a resurgence in construction activities and this creates phenomenal growth in demand for high quality rubber and rubber related products which suppliers are always ready to meet. Two major shows were held and this issue carries post-show reports on interpack 2011 and CHINAPLAS 2011. These reports reflect the growing size and importance of these events in the markets they serve today.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2011-6
    Manufacturing Expo -- where Interplas Thailand is one of the concurrent shows –is ASEAN's biggest industrial trade exhibition. An annual event, the Expo gathers 1,500 exhibitors divided into several main sectors. Over the years, the show has gained a huge following and serves as an appropriate platform for companies wanting to enter the lucrative ASEAN markets. This issue carries a Special Supplement on this major event and its highlights plus information on the exhibitors and their products. For over 50 years , plastics have been used in food production through agriculture. Agricultural films'demand has been on the rise with Asia being the largest market followed by Europe. With food security now a global issue, plastics can very well help in developing sustainable, high levels of production. Global bioplastics production capacity is projected to surpass the one million tonne mark by this year, according to a study presented by European Bioplastics at the recently-concluded interpack 2011 in Dusseldorf. This is a favourable development as we can expect
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2011-5
    The MENA region has a thriving packaging industry - and this industry has been the recipient of innovative technologies and solutions. The previous issue featured a leading pa ckaging company unde r the Boa rdroom Connection section, and this issue we covered another company, Masafi, which has launched the lightest water bottles. Such breakthroughs have not gone unnoticed and many more of these companies will be featured in future issues. So what does this mean for those in the plastics industry and for the consumers in general? Innovations in the plastics industy are bringing multiple benefits to the industry and the sectors dependent on it - packaging, medical, automotive, construction and many more - in the forms of lower production costs, better materials and product quality and improved end-product performance. This issue has two reports based on discussions during the Second GPCA Plastics Summit. The Gulf region has become a leading global centre as far as production and export of plastics raw materials is concerned. It is expected that by 2015, producti
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2011-4
    China's biggest plastics and rubber show is now one of the world's most popular trade exhibitions. From a small event, CHINAPLAS has turned into a world-class trade show with over 2,000 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions. CHINAPLAS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and important side events have been planned to stress the importance of the show to the global industrial arena. This issue once again includes a Special Supplement on the highlights of the show and a preview on the products on exhibit at this year's edition. CHINAPLAS 2011 will also be featured online at as we aim to bring more details and relevant information to buyers who are planning to visit the show.The International Plastics News for Asia is now an APP that can be downloaded to your iPhone and iPad.This will allow our readers to obtain the issue even before the print copy is released. This means too that you can take your copy anywhere and read it any time. This issue is dedicated to the memory of David Monson, our Taiwan Editor. David's last interview
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2011-3
    I had the chance to attend this year's Arabplast in Dubai and witnessed the optimism amongst the exhibitors who generally believe that the worst of the global economic crisis is over, and trade visitors who believe that the Middle East region is a dynamic place where the plastics and rubber industry continues to thrive. In this issue, we featured a leading food and beverage packaging company, Al Bayader International, whose innovative spirit has enabled it to sustain its strong position. The company's strategies and highly efficient operations in this competitive sector are lessons that can teach those who want to excel in this business. The Middle East is a rich source of raw materials for the plastics industry. In fact, Oman is emerging as an important source of PET and this is supported by the recent move of OCTAL Petrochemicals, the world's largest producer of PET sheets, to become the world's largest producer of PET resins with its expansion programme. We also included a special report on two industrial zones in the United Arab Emirates (UA
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2011-2
    K2010 in DUsseldorf ended on a positive note, exceeding organisers' expectations. The trade fair truly succeeded in providing strong impetus for further growth, with various sectors expected to benefit from the innovations launched at the show. We interviewed some of the exhibitors who willingly gave their feedback on the show and insights on the industry. The latest compounding machines are setting new benchmarks in the processing of sensitive plastics. We are featuring two leading companies which have been providing compounding solutions that enable manufacturers to achieve improved efficiency and greater production flexibility. Manufacturers today need to differentiate their products from others sold in the market by improving design and functionality. This specially holds true for the pharmaceutical industry where drug delivery devices now come in various designs and colours. With newly released masterbatch meeting regulatory compliance, it has now become possible to add colour and design improvements in these products without risking health and safety.
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2011-1
    This issue carries another special supplement on Arabplast 2011. As an importation event for the region's plastics and rubber industry, the show has attracted a growing number of foreign exhibitors. Encouraged by the resiliency of the Middle East, these foreign companies believe that the region will remain a lucrative market for raw materials, machinery and solutions. The construction industry benefits from recent developments in the plastics and rubber sector. But rising environmental concerns are pushing companies to move fast and come up with ""green"" products. We had the chance to feature one leading company in the construction business. Mapei is represented in the UAE by its subsidiary Innovative Building Solutions LLC and its involvement in some of the most prestigious projects in Dubai has strengthened its contribution towards environment protection. K 2010 in Düsseldorf ended on a positive note, exceeding organisers' expectations. The trade fair truly succeeded in providing strong impetus for further growth, with various sectors expected to benefit fr
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