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Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2010-4
The buzz word in the plastics industry today is "recycling" and many innovative production processes are being developed to answer the call for enviroment-friendly products. During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the organisers opted to use materials that are either recycled or were made of biodegradable materials. A popular beverage company also launched its special PET bottles that contain the traditional plastic material combined with plant-based material from sugar cane and molasses. A team of researchers from IBM's Almaden Research Center and Stanford University has embarked on a study to develop new types of organic catalysts that can build up and break down plastics in a more sustainable way to enable the repeated recycling of plastics products. As demand for improved plastics products increases, changing criteria on quality improvement and costs control are pushing the use of all-electric injection moulding machines. We are now seeing a wide range of such machines that promise greater energy-efficiency, higher output and more flexibility. T
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2010-3
    Recent trends indicate the dynamic growth of the Middle East and African markets for polymers, and many companies are taking aggressive steps to explore these emerging markets. Songwon Industrial Co. Ltd is one of them. The company has just opened its headquarters in Bahrain to serve its customers in the region. There is huge growth potential for environment-friendly plastics products in the region and some manufacturers have taken the road towards "green" production. In fact, the use of biodegradable bags has started to win support in the UAE and this is expected to spread throughout the region in the years to come. Changing criteria on quality improvement and costs control are pushing the use of all-electric injection moulding machines. We are now seeing a wide range of such machines that promise greater energy-efficiency, higher output and more flexibility. There is no denying that China today has taken an important role in the global plastics industry. Its biggest show, Chinaplas, is an annual event well-attended by those engaged in plastics produc
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2010-2
    The best way to start a new year is to announcea much-awaited industry event. This issuecarries a Special Supplement on what to expect inthe upcoming Taipei Plas 2010, Taiwan抯 biggestexhibition for the plastics & rubber industry. WithTaiwan now among the world抯 five largest producersof plastics & rubber machinery, the show has beenone of the top destinations of industry professionals. This year also marks the beginning of theASEAN Free Trade Area and ASEAN-ChinaFree Trade Area.We will be seeing intensifiedintra-regional competition. On the bright side,the lowering of tariffs for production inputs islikely to translate into lower costs which wouldbenefit manufacturers. Robots are now performing heavy duty andcomplicated tasks. The trend is towards compact,flexible and highly efficient robots performingvarious functions in the production process. The use of bioplastic compounds has been onthe rise as producers look for new alternatives tolessen dependence on non-renewable resources.Starting this issue, we will focus on the use ofbioplastics and recycling as
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2010-1
    This first issue for the year carries a Special Supplement on Taipei Plas 2010, Taiwan's biggest exhibition for the plastics & rubber industry. With Taiwan now among the world's five largest producers of plastics & rubber machinery, the show has been one of the top destinations of industry professionals. It is not surprising since Taiwan's machinery industry has shown remarkable growth in the past few years. Even with the global economic crisis, construction and infrastructure projects in the Middle East are being pursued. This has provided manufacturers of construction and building materials, such as Tylos Plastics Industries, the needed push. The company shares how it has successfully implemented programmes to meet stringent global standards. Also, in the area of infrastructure, new products such s waterborne polymer coatings, are now playing an important role as these extend the life of the assets and reduce the risk of dangerous structural failures. To date, TPEs have been used for various applications - with the largest current market being the autom
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2009-11
    The crucial role of synthetic rubber in today’s industries deserve special attention as 100 years after it was invented by Fritz Hofmann in 1909, the material remains the most utilized and widely researched for industrial applications. The Scientific Colloquium sponsored by LANXESS AG on 12 September in Cologne brought together 400 guests from 18 countries. Technical papers were presented by high-profile speakers from the worlds of politics, business and science on the latest innovations, the future possibilities and market potential of synthetic rubber material.There is still much to be explored as far as synthetic rubber is concerned and in this issue, we had an expert from LANXESS who discussed the recent developments in synthetic rubber production and its benefits to the various industries.The race to create a wider variety of packaging has intensified, pushing producers of blow molding equipment to create better and more efficient equipment that suit today’s demand. In this issue, we look at the various models available and how these equipment create a
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2009-9
    The construction industry is one of the many industries where innovative plastic materials are being utilized. With the strong emphasis now on environmentally responsible design, more builders of residential and commercial buildings, as well as interior designers, are turning into innovative plastics materials for durability, improved security, aesthetics, functionality and high performance. The use of more advanced technologies and given the higher private and government investments into construction and building, engineered thermoplastics are now being developed to support the trend of replacing expensive and heavy metals with lightweight and competitively-priced plastics. Companies are now perfecting the art of granulating and pelletizing plastics to meet the needs of customers for more efficient, cost-saving and environmental friendly process. This report features the next generation granulators Rapid Granulator which has acquired another manufacturer in China, Avian Machinery, to produce similar equipment. Such new investment reflects Rapid's confidence in Ch
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