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International Plastics News - Middle East
International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-9
This issue brings into focus the plastics industry’s response to the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, which has swept Europe’s industrial world. This is not new to the plastics industry as many big players have started to undertake initiatives that will lead to further upgrade of their production process through digitalisation and automation. And even though Industry 4.0 originated in Europe, this will have its impact on the rest of the world as companies have gone global in their operations. The role of engineering plastics in bringing quality, high strength and lightweight products has expanded given the vast range of materials available today. Two major sectors which have been benefi ting from these new materials are automotive and medical. West Africa is a region to watch in the years to come due to its emerging industries. In particular, its packaging industry increasingly demands new machines and raw materials.
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2015-8
    Increased awareness on the many challenges the world faces today has pushed companies in the plastics and rubber industry to initiate and come up with appropriate solutions. In this issue, we looked at the six global challenges and how Borouge has developed its technology and products in response to these challenges. A wide range of different technologies is used today to control and assure the quality in the production process. Sophisticated pellet inspection and impurities detection systems have become more diverse and responsive to the demands of the various industries. In this issue, we present the feedback of exhibitors at Chinaplas 2015 and InterPlas 2015, two leading exhibitions in Asia that have gathered a growing number of exhibitors and visitors over the years. These trade shows also serve as venue where professionals can obtain valuable insights and industry information. With Asia Pacific on the growth path, we expect these shows to add more innovative features in their future editions.
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-7
    Auxiliary equipment are vital to plastics manufacturing, and the wide range of highly-efficient models of chillers, dryers and other materials handling equipment are bringing substantial improvement to production. In this issue, we highlight the benefits of new auxiliary equipment in reducing costs and ensuring efficient production. Impurities in plastic pellets have to be detected and sorted out effectively. Dr. C. Frank of SIKORA AG shares his expertise on a new technical approach to detect even the smallest pellet impurities, and how a combination of X-ray technology and optical system can do the job. Chinaplas 2015 had a successful edition in Guangzhou and many exhibitors interviewed by the Ringier Editorial Team are optimistic of the Asian market as they expect high demand for their products in this dynamic region.
  • International Packaging News for China
    International Packaging News for China 2015-7
    International Packaging News for China (IPN) has been the leading for the country's packaging industry for the past 17 years in China, In a strategic editorial partnership with Packaging World of the US and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, IPN is not only able to provide in-depth coverage ranging from the latest R&D to emerging market trends, updates on application and converting technology, automation, materials, as well as packaging printing, but also presents comprehensive content through a multimedia platform that includes e-magazines, a Packaging website with daily updates and online exclusives, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and interactive Apps with links to iTunes and Google Play. For packaging machinery and material suppliers, International Packaging News for China is an effective interactive platform which provides in-house packaging, contract packaging, and converting professionals with their latest technologies and solutions. Through a dedicated Packaging vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online f
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2015-6
    Consumer electronics is one of the most dynamic sectors for engineering plastics. No surprise since the telecommunications industry was an early adaptor of plastics. Think telephones, one of the first consumer products made of Bakelite, an early plastic that was a marvel nearly a century ago. Then as now the consumer electronics sector demands materials that exhibit dimensional stability, heat and chemical resistance, high strength and unique properties. One of the top users of plastic materials, the consumer electronics industry is vibrant and as responsive to consumer trends as the fashion industry, and one reason why 2.3 billion mobile devices were sold in 2014. This demand is fuelling improvement in both materials and processing techniques, some of which you can read about in Industry Application section beginning on page 24. Designing innovative concepts that are responsive to consumer needs is the focus of Touch and Drag, a South Korean company that isn’t limiting smartphone accessories to USB and chargers. Instead, CEO Daniel Lee and his design team are co
  • International Plastics News - Middle East
    International Plastics News - Middle East 2015-5
    High-performance resins for ultra-high strength, temperature –resistant and cost-efficient infrastructure supplies are fast gaining importance as replacement for metal. In this issue, we look at the requirements of Middle East’s infrastructure sector and how companies are developing special materials to replace the traditional metal. All-electric injection moulding machines in the market today are getting better, offering high productivity at lower energy cost. An expanding selection of these machines is now available to manufacture large-volume products for a wider range of applications. Green Middle East 2015, the region’s leading environmental management and technology exhibition, is the first of its kind green event in the Middle East. This event will see key strategic partners join hands for a greener, more sustainable region. Another article looks at the medical sector and how new polymers are meeting stringent standards in terms of safety and ease of use of medical devices.
  • Industrial Robotics for China
    Industrial Robotics for China 2015-4
    Industrial Robotics for China (IRC) print magazines and digital e-magazines, in a strategic editorial partnership with China Industrial Reporter and backed by a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, bring manufacturers and processors the latest in robotic and automation technology for industrial automation, intelligent control and industrial solutions. This multimedia platform helps managers improve productivity, reduce cost and turn innovations into real competitive advantages. The print and digital magazines, along with a dedicated vertical, bi-weekly e-newsletters, and magazine apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play, are source of up-to-date reports on automation and robotic technologies, R&D, industry trends and market developments. For suppliers, Industrial Robotics for China is an effective interactive platform which provides professionals with their latest technology and solutions. Through a dedicated Industrial Robots vertical, the industry community can find daily news updates and exclusive online features, videos and reports on m
  • International Plastics News for Asia
    International Plastics News for Asia 2015-4
    CHINAPLAS has retained its special position in the global plastics industry, being Asia's number 1 exhibition. This issue has a Special Supplement to give readers the show's highlights and products on exhibit. Many new processes are creating a big difference in the way packaging is designed. For one, PacXpert Packaging Technology is an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging options. The flexible packaging is shelf-stable and can save space when being transported. New additives for engineered plastics are now available and presented at the recent NPE 2015. These additives are ideal for a variety of polymer-based products and compounds intended for the consumer, industrial, packaging, and automotive industries.
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