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International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-7
Three major exhibitions were featured in this issue – Plastivision Arabia, Chinaplas and interpack. The coverage of these important trade events forms part of Ringier Trade Media’s goal of providing our readers with relevant information on the new technologies and materials launched in different markets across the globe. Solar energy is one growing industry that requires high performance plastics. As more countries in the Middle East and African regions acknowledge solar energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, the demand for new materials will definitely continue in the years to come. Many developments in injection moulding have contributed to improved productivity, cost-efficiency and innovations. Multi-component systems are increasingly being preferred for complex applications.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2014-6
    This year’s CHINAPLAS has exceeded previous records. It is not surprising as this year’s edition brought more advanced technologies, more high performance materials, and diverse products and services for Asia’s plastics and rubber industry. I had the chance to talk to many companies who gave very positive outlook for China’s growing industrial sector. They are also optimistic on other Asian economies – especially ASEAN – and look forward to the integration of the region into one single market next year. Another show to catch is InterPlas Thailand 2014 and in this issue, we have a special supplement on the show. Thailand may have been facing political challenges these days but the show will go on, as the country’s industries continue to move forward to take their special place in the global economy. There are many newly developed packaging products and film production has never been any better. We look at some recently launched films and how these comply with established standards in safety and protection.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-5
    This issue focuses on the packaging sector. We got some insights from a manufacturer of disposable packaging on how the company is able to meet stringent health and safety standards. Another area is recycling. With a large number of waste products, highly efficient recycling machines have taken on the task of processing waste materials into reusable materials. In South Africa, the packaging industry has been a major segment of the industrial sector that many recent developments point towards enhancing designs to improve brand awareness, and meet sustainability challenge as well. We also look at the trends in 3D printing and its impact in plastics production. In this area, more promising prospects in terms of design flexibility and cost-efficient production are likely to attract manufacturers into this market.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2014-4
    Every year, we bring you a Special Supplement on CHINAPLAS and this issue contains the highlights and products on exhibit at CHINAPLAS, now the world’s second largest trade exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry. The trade exhibition has become bigger and with more focused theme towards sustainability. Ringier Trade Media also has online coverage of the show with videos, news and updates. New developments in electromobility are taking advantage of the innovations in the plastics industry. For one, lightweighting has been synonymous with plastic materials and technologies that have enabled the automotive industry to produce fuel-efficient vehicles. Special requirements in the pharmaceutical industry have encouraged masterbatch producers to come up with new products that will meet stringent health regulations.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-3
    Plastivision Arabia is now on its second edition and is set to open with a wider range of products and services aimed at the region’s plastics and petrochemicals industries. This exhibition has been well-supported and has a promising prospects even for companies in the Middle East who are eager to take advantage of the benefits offered by more advanced technologies. This issue also includes a special supplement on CHINAPLAS 2014, now the world’s second largest trade exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry. Aside from the major highlights of the show, we present some of the products that will be on exhibit. Many new developments are taking place in the automotive industry and the whole transportation sector. New materials are being developed to answer the call for lightweight and high performance parts. In this issue, we looked at these new materials and how they can improve the energy efficiency of the transportation sector. In South Africa, recycling has become a major initiative, with organisations taking part in recycling projects. It has always been a
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2014-2
    As an emerging economy, Vietnam has been attracting foreign investments because of a host of several factors that makes it conducive to manufacturing companies. In this issue, we featured a company in Vietnam that has been producing and exporting plastic products. It cites the benefits of doing business in the country and how local companies have started to become competitive in the global market. With lightweighting as a target, the aerospace industry has been making strides in using high performance plastics as materials for various parts and components of new aircraft models. Plastivision India 2013 concluded successfully and we interviewed companies who exhibited at the show to provide their insights on the Indian market and how they plan to cope with the growing competition by launching innovative products. Many new developments are taking place in thermoforming due largely to the development of control systems that enable the processing of difficult materials. In this area, intelligent, self-control thermoforming systems will definitely be a sure winner.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2014-1
    The petrochemical industry has played a key role in the plastics industry. There is no doubt that many of the developments in the petrochemical industry have benefited plastics production as well. The Saudi Plastics & Petrochem 2014 is on its 11th edition and as an event for the plastics and petrochemical sectors in the Middle East, it has earned a reputation for bringing relevant information on market trends and strategies to effectively operate in the region. This issue carries a special supplement on the show which is expected to further boost Saudi Arabia’s role as a major player in the region. The Green Middle East is one event worth attending with its diverse solutions aimed at sustainable production. The environment-focused exhibition has been reported in this issue. Companies in the Middle East and Africa are increasingly drawn towards automation. Superior quality finishing, efficient high speed production, precision assemblies and final part decorations are just some areas of production that can benefit from the new breed of automation technologies avail
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-12
    Outlook 2014, which gathers the insights of industry experts on the industry trends and developments, is a major undertaking for Ringier Trade Media's editorial team. It has always been a special issue because we get to talk to those who are directly involved in the industry and in the process, we obtain valuable information on what to expect in the coming year. Most of the interviews for this report were done at K 2013 where companies also launched new products. It's perfect timing for us. Speaking of K, the 2013 edition has exceeded the expectations of exhibitors and visitors alike. Despite the sluggish demand in Europe, the show was well attended by companies from Asia, and we saw numerous innovations aimed at improving the productions processes and quality of raw materials being used in emerging applications. The next-generation consumer electronics are expected to benefit from more advanced polymer and engineering thermoplastic solutions. These new materials aim at launching more stylish products that meet environmental and high performance criteria that con
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