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International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-9
This issue features a Special Supplement on K2013, the world's biggest trade exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry. With over 3000 exhibitors, this event has retained its lead and has served as the world premiere of the latest products and technologies of those engaged in plastics and rubber manufacturing. The Special Supplement provides the show's highlights and a glimpse of the products that will be exhibited. Ringier's Plastics and Rubber vertical also features a special section on K2013 where we bring you the latest industry and product news. The need to recycle plastics had led to the spread of useful information on its advantages and the latest technologies that can be applied. South Africa is one of the countries in the African region where industry players are taking active part in disseminating information on the importance of plastics. We covered one company that serves as link in educating the public and businesses on the various recycling methods and their benefits. The Middle East is a growing petrochemicals hub and the various major projec
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-8
    In this issue we have post-show reports on three major trade exhibitions in Asia – Chinaplas, InterPlas Thailand and JEC Asia. Over the years, these shows have grown – in size and scope – that a large number of visitors now include these shows in their planning. The success of every edition of these shows reflects the highly dynamic Asian region’s plastics and rubber industry which international companies continue to explore. Several reports in this issue touched on automation and how important it is in ensuring uninterrupted and cost-efficient operations. In the injection moulding process, the use of robots has significantly reduced cost and enhanced quality. We also covered milestones of two leading companies in the industry. Borealis opened its catalysts plant in Austria and Lanxess inaugurated its butyl rubber facility in Singapore. Demand for raw materials has been on the rise in the past few years that companies have started to invest in ensuring stable supply of key materials. The medical sector has been benefiting from the R&D initiatives in material solut
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-7
    Infrastructure development entails high demand for construction materials and supplies. This issue looks at the trend towards more complex plastic pipes with various functional layers and how extrusion machinery producers are responding to market needs. Aside from serving the technical requirements for the functionality of multi-layered pipes, the process technology concept for this complex system also plays a critical role where flexible solutions are always welcome. The medical and healthcare needs in the MENA region have encouraged the development of materials solutions catering to this sector. Medical devices and equipment benefit from the developments in engineering plastics where lightweight products are now manufactured at lower cost. A steady supply of catalysts is now assured in the wake of rising global demand. A leading provider of solutions in the fields of polyolefins, Borealis, recently opened its new catalyst plant in Linz, Austria. The move will also boost R&D through the research centre the company has set up. K 2013 is scheduled to take
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-6
    T his issue carries another Special Supplement, this time InterPlas Thailand 2013. The annual Manufacturing Expo, of which InterPlas Thailand is one of the concurrent events, has been an important platform for companies wanting to explore the ASEAN market. The show has grown fast with new highlights added. We also included post-show reviews of two Asian shows that were well-attended this year. These exhibitions have taken a special place in the region’s plastic and rubber industry for being the launching pad of new processing technologies. A special report on engineering plastics provides an overview on the expanding properties of newly launched engineering plastics and how they have been well accepted as replacement for material, like metal, in the production of more consumer products. Lastly, the process of pellet screening has benefited from the release of a new system that addresses the concerns of materials producers and manufacturers of plastic products for consistency and quality.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-5
    Engineering plastics have played a key role in the manufacture of electronic products. Designers of computers and electronic components choose plastics for their toughness, durability, ease of fabrication into complex shapes and their electrical insulation qualities. The continuing miniaturisation of circuit boards and components increasingly relies on high-performance plastics to provide tough, dimensionally stable parts that can withstand both the stress of assembly and the strain of use. The packaging sector has been a recipient of technological advances. In this issue, we featured two companies engaged in packaging. One company provides an insight into the production of flexible packaging; the other presented its efficient filling and sealing system.CHINAPLAS 2013 Supplement focuses on Asia’s no. 1 exhibition for the plastics and rubber industry. With about 2,900 exhibitors from all over the world, the event has launched many value-added features that could very well give an insight into the future applications of plastics and rubber.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-4
    CHINAPLAS is a much-awaited event each year. As Asia’s biggest show for the plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS gathers over 2000 exhibitors under one roof. This year, new features and concurrent events are expected to draw in a larger number of exhibitors and visitors. In this issue, we bring you the CHINAPLAS 2013 Special Supplement. As has been our practice, the Special Supplement contains valuable information for those interested in this major show, including description of the products that are exhibited at the show with contact details of companies. Online, we bring the latest news and updates on the show. This way, you can plan your visit and make the most from your visit to this important sourcing event. The aerospace industry has taken a swift course towards the use of composites not only for exterior parts, but also for interior parts and components. Plastics are less expensive to manufacture and more resistant to wear, with a lot more improved properties that are demanded by the industry. A Special Report on additives manufacturing provides an impo
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-3
    There is much to be learned on injection moulding as new processing techniques are introduced to facilitate faster, cleaner and more energy-saving manufacturing of small or complex parts. In the same manner, blow moulding has gone through tremendous improvements, and our special report will provide you with an overview of how small bottle blow moulding can be both economical and yield high quality products. The automotive industry benefits from the R&D efforts directed at replacing metal with plastic. The first thermoplastic lift-gate in new car model is an example, and we expect more vehicle parts to eventually be made of high-performance plastic in the future. We went around Arabplast 2013 and gathered the feedback of exhibitors of this major show. All are optimistic that the Middle East and North Africa market is a lucrative one -- if your products and services can meet the expectations of the manufacturers in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and high quality output.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-2
    In this issue, we look at some leading companies in the plastics and rubber industry and how they have embarked on sustainable manufacturing. There are two aspects to this special report - one is the current efforts of these companies to utilise technology and processes which help reduce carbon footprint. The other aspect is the production of green products. Automotive parts manufacturing is one of the most dynamic applications for plastics. In the production of injection moulded parts, the demand no longer focuses alone on materials. Manufacturers of machinery have done their part by turning out powerful and cost-efficient machines that meet the sector’s expectations. This year is expected to see substantial developments in the area of rubber production. Both synthetic rubber and natural rubber are thriving markets with forecast leading towards increased used of rubber-based materials in various industries. Catch TIPREX this year in Bangkok. The show’s preview has been included to provide you with an overview on what to expect.
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