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Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-4
CHINAPLAS is a much-awaited event each year. As Asia’s biggest show for the plastics and rubber industry, CHINAPLAS gathers over 2000 exhibitors under one roof. This year, new features and concurrent events are expected to draw in a larger number of exhibitors and visitors. In this issue, we bring you the CHINAPLAS 2013 Special Supplement. As has been our practice, the Special Supplement contains valuable information for those interested in this major show, including description of the products that are exhibited at the show with contact details of companies. Online, we bring the latest news and updates on the show. This way, you can plan your visit and make the most from your visit to this important sourcing event. The aerospace industry has taken a swift course towards the use of composites not only for exterior parts, but also for interior parts and components. Plastics are less expensive to manufacture and more resistant to wear, with a lot more improved properties that are demanded by the industry. A Special Report on additives manufacturing provides an impo
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-3
    There is much to be learned on injection moulding as new processing techniques are introduced to facilitate faster, cleaner and more energy-saving manufacturing of small or complex parts. In the same manner, blow moulding has gone through tremendous improvements, and our special report will provide you with an overview of how small bottle blow moulding can be both economical and yield high quality products. The automotive industry benefits from the R&D efforts directed at replacing metal with plastic. The first thermoplastic lift-gate in new car model is an example, and we expect more vehicle parts to eventually be made of high-performance plastic in the future. We went around Arabplast 2013 and gathered the feedback of exhibitors of this major show. All are optimistic that the Middle East and North Africa market is a lucrative one -- if your products and services can meet the expectations of the manufacturers in terms of efficiency, cost reduction and high quality output.
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2013-2
    In this issue, we look at some leading companies in the plastics and rubber industry and how they have embarked on sustainable manufacturing. There are two aspects to this special report - one is the current efforts of these companies to utilise technology and processes which help reduce carbon footprint. The other aspect is the production of green products. Automotive parts manufacturing is one of the most dynamic applications for plastics. In the production of injection moulded parts, the demand no longer focuses alone on materials. Manufacturers of machinery have done their part by turning out powerful and cost-efficient machines that meet the sector’s expectations. This year is expected to see substantial developments in the area of rubber production. Both synthetic rubber and natural rubber are thriving markets with forecast leading towards increased used of rubber-based materials in various industries. Catch TIPREX this year in Bangkok. The show’s preview has been included to provide you with an overview on what to expect.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2013-1
    Arabplast is the leading trade exhibition in the Middle East and North African region and this issue carries a Special Supplement on the show with information on the region’s thriving plastics and rubber industry, as well as the products that are exhibited. This is an important event to catch if you would like to assess the MENA market and see what raw materials, technologies and machinery are in demand in this vast market. Another article features the recent developments in PET bottle-to-bottle recycling and the vital role played by a highly efficient extruder in cost control and environment protection. The focus on energy generation and how plastics are increasingly being used to tap renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, brings a realisation that opportunities in this sector abound and should not be underestimated. A special report by our MENA correspondent tackles the green technology challenge and how companies are moving towards the use of advanced technologies to minimise carbon footprint. Representatives from three leading companies prov
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2012-12
    Industrial activities in Asia have been picking up and with very positive economic growth forecast, the region will continue to be the ideal investment site for companies engaged in the plastics and rubber industry. Moreover, the current negotiations to create one of the world’s biggest trade pacts are seen as a positive move towards the integration of the region. Outlook 2013 is a Special Report released every last issue of the year to provide readers with trends and future developments in the plastics and rubber industry. The report gathers the insights of representatives from leading companies on factors that would affect their operations, how they look at Asia as market for their products and their plans for 2013 and beyond. This issue also looks at recent developments in the PET bottle recycling and how extruder plays an important role in achieving higher level of efficiency and cost control. Another article on researches in the use of polymer in the medical field focuses on the benefits of advanced materials in human lives.
  • Africa Industrial Reporter 2012-12
    WITH increasing global demand for steel products and infrastructure development projects, iron ore exploration initiatives in West Africa will intensify in the near-to-long term, says Frost & Sullivan. According to Mining research analyst Christy Tawii, the steel market’s increasing iron ore consumption provides excellent opportunities to develop West Africa assets – mostly for export to China, whose voracious appetite will swallow approximately two-thirds of African iron ore. Intertwined with developments in the mining industry, which create jobs and improve economies even as they can lead to climate change, is food security. There are over a billion people across Africa, a large number of whom are malnourished. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, 26.80% for the region’s 873 million population are undernourished, yet almost 60% of arable land in the continent is still not utilised. “It is time to move beyond subsistence agricultural production and consider ways of eventually embarking on agro-industrial production,” said Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, chair of the African
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2012-11
    This issue carries the Outlook 2013, a Special Report released every last issue of the year to provide readers with trends and future developments in the plastics and rubber industry. The report gathers the insights of representatives from leading companies on factors that would affect their operations, how they look at the Middle East and Africa as market for their products, and their plans in the near-term. The Middle East and Africa are regions to watch in 2013 given the fact that they are projected to surpass the performance of the sluggish global economy. The plastics and rubber industry will definitely benefit from this scenario of industrial rebound and sustained demand. This issue carries an interview of a South African company whose innovative technology in pallet-making has earned it various recognitions. There is also an article on how plastic pipes are now being promoted in infrastructure projects and the benefits they bring. We also focused on carbon fibre, and how major automobile manufacturers are using the material to reduce weight and achieve fue
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2012-10
    The recent shortage of PA11 and PA12 has prompted manufacturers of high-end performance materials to come up with several alternatives. In this issue’s Material Focus, we had the chance to look at how Evonik has developed its new group of bio-based polyamides to meet the growing demand for such materials by various industries. Another industry that has taken a full turn towards the use of biodegradable materials is packaging. A recent partnership aims to bring companies and communities closer to zero-waste through the use of biopolymer technology that will make compostable snack packaging. Advances in the design and technology to produce gearboxes have provided ample opportunities to cut energy consumption. Understanding the role played by a gearbox in the extruder as an important component has yielded new models that have contributed to cost-efficient and stable production. This issue also carries some of the interesting products that will be launched this month at one of Europe’s important shows for the plastics and rubber industry. These machines are the outc
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