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Africa Industrial Reporter 2012-10
Positioned as Ringier has been in China for nearly 15 years, we have witnessed the country’s phenomenal growth and eventual rise to the world’s second largest economy. We have seen the Mainland’s domestic industrialisation, first spurred by foreign direct investments and then through prudent intervention by the national government. Today, of course, China is now itself an investor in many developing countries. Turning our eye on the promise of Africa seems in the norm of things - part of our mission to keep reporting about emerging markets and the technological options available to fledgling industries as well as groups ready for expansion. Here as well as in our online portal, we offer a range of products and leads for various industries. Our focus in this edition is on the power generation, particularly in Nigeria, where the demand for electricity far outstrips supply. Yet modernisation of the national power grid and transport system is essential for further development and to attract more foreign investment.
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2012-9
    This issue carries a Special Supplement on TaipeiPlas 2012, Taiwan's biggest show for the plastics and rubber industry. It is an exhibition worth visiting as Taiwan is now a major industrial base and ranks as the world's 5th biggest producer and 4th biggest exporter of plastic and rubber processing products. This year, we expect the show to present the best that Taiwan-based machinery exporters can offer to the world. Visit our online show coverage to get more details on the exhibitors and their products at The packaging industry brings out the innovative spirit of those who are engaged in offering products and services. The industry has benefited from the host of breakthrough technologies and materials that it has now become easier and faster to design more attractive, lightweight packaging products. A large number of companies are now looking at Africa as vast market for their products. In Ghana, one plastic products manufacturer decided to order several machinery to support the launch of its new products. This is one scenario that mos
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2012-8
    This issue carries a Special Supplement on TaipeiPlas 2012, Taiwan's biggest show for the plastics and rubber industry. Over the years, Taiwan has been able to strengthen its industrial base that it is now ranked as the world's 5th biggest producer and 4th biggest exporter of plastic and rubber processing products. This year, we expect the show to present Taiwan-based machinery exporters in full force as they showcase their latest products to the world. Visit our online show coverage to get more details on the exhibitors and their products at Composites as a material of choice for applications demanding lightweight and durability are the focus of another review on JEC Asia. We also looked at recent developments in medical plastics and how innovative materials from leading manufacturers are creating a big difference in improving the lives of people. Aside from implants and devices, packaging for medical supplies now provides all the enhanced properties needed to support the products'life-saving functions. Normita Tan-Guerrero
  • International Plastics News, Middle East & Africa 2012-7
    Starting this issue, we expand our editorial coverage to include Africa. International Plastics News – Middle East & Africa brings to our readers the dynamic and interesting developments in the plastics and rubber industry in these two regions. The change aims to introduce the African region as it moves to become a sourcing centre where investment opportunities are becoming more diverse. We start off with some news on Africa and the various industries related to plastics and rubber manufacturing. We also added Africa Watch, a section that will bring the latest trends and issues in Africa and how these would affect the production of plastics and rubbers in the region. The ban on the use of plastics bags in some countries has prompted the use of alternative materials and one of them is oxo-biodegradable plastics. As material for various consumer products, it has a promising future given the fact that it is now increasingly being accepted. At Chinaplas 2012, a leading company from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched its high-clarity PP for thin-walled packaging and
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2012-6
    This issue carries reports on two major trade exhibitions that took place in April - NPE 2012 and CHINAPLAS 2012. These two exhibitions have taken their own special places in the global plastics and rubber industry because of the large number of exhibitors presenting their products and the volume of visitors in each edition This year’s NPE was held for the first time in Florida where the expanded venue allowed for on-site demonstrations of more machines. For CHINAPLAS, this year’s edition breached the 100,000 visitor attendance and launched many side events for the first time. Another show this month, the Manufacturing Expo, has brought Thailand into the spotlight as ASEAN’s industrial hub. The show gathers in one venue five industries, and attracts a large gathering of exhibitors from all around the world. A report on the growing role of plastics in power generation brings into focus the many research and development efforts undertaken by companies in this area to develop material solutions that would advance and improve the extraction and delivery of power.
  • Int'l Plastics News - Middle East 2012-5
    This month's issue contains a review of NPE 2012 which was held for the first time in Orlando, Florida. For 40 years the exhibition was located in Chicago, but this year, the transfer to Orlando was a welcome change. The venue was bigger - allowing for more on-site demonstration of innovative machines and the holding of more concurrent events and activities. In the previous editions of NPE, companies in the Middle East came to exhibit their products, and this latest edition is no exception. In future shows, we expect to see more Middle East companies showing off their innovative products for the world to see. The Gulf region is home to a growing number of industrial parks and these areas have been serving as best location for plastics processors. They offer a host of investment incentives, excellent logistics and infrastructure facilities, as well as being near a booming market for their products. Reinforced plastics are now preferred in fastemerging industries, such as energy and power generation. The material is being enhanced further to suit the property
  • Africa Industrial Reporter 2012-5
    Hello, Africa! For our second issue, Africa Industrial Reporter (AIR) shines the spotlight on the Plastics Industry in Africa. Our correspondent discusses the current trends and situation of the plastics industry in the continent, with highlights on polyefins plus the environmental issues that come together with plastics manufacturing. A specific kind of polyefin, polypropylene, is featured in a special article, addressing the demand for polypropylene with efficient solutions such as UNIPOL Polypropylene Process Technology. Sourcing Guide for Issue 2 is focused on Taiwan. Read more about how to source products and services in the country, Taiwan- Africa trade relations, and travel tips and trade links. Show previews are included for the West African Mining and Power Industry Exhibition (WAMPEX) and Africa's Big Seven. AIR is also available online at in digital format, or download our apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices at Please continue sending us your latest industry news and product updates. Thank you
  • Int'l Plastics News for Asia 2012-4
    Asia's biggest trade exhibition, CHINAPLAS 2012, is taking place this month. This issue contains a Special Supplement on the show. Just like in the past editions, Ringier Trade Media is taking an active role in promoting the show and its exhibitors. With the supplement, readers can be guided on the highlights of the show and the wide range of products presented. We also launched a CHINAPLAS 2012 site at to guide visitors of the show.The construction industry is one of the most dynamic sectors. At present, the use of geosynthetics as material for major construction projects has gained popularity in Asia, and other parts of the world. This popularity is due to various researches undertaken by manufacturers to improve the properties of the materials and train engineers on using them. I was invited to join a plant opening in Jhagadia plus a visit to Plastindia. This issue contains a review of Plastindia and a feature on the applications of high-tech plastics in the drive towards green mobility.
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