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Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East
Food Manufacturing Journal - Middle East

Issue: 2016-11

WE’RE all interested in what’s new, so this issue brings you the latest products for the food and beverage industry. Among packaging innovations are a metal can design that allows users to fill dry products through the base of the can and seam on a non-easy-open end without having to make changes to the filling line; vacuum skin films for enhanced on-shelf presentation; and a continuous ink jet printing system for those that require only up to two lines of printed text, graphics and barcodes as well as images from 2mm to 12mm on their products.

Snack manufacturers may be interested in a continuous potato chip fryer with several features including patented technology to ensure evenly fried potato slices. It also limits the formation of acrylamides and reduces the amount of rejects.

For companies that process powders, consider the new vertical dryer claimed to reduce cycle times.

We also feature hoists and cranes that can be used in dust-laden atmospheres or other explosion-hazardous areas such as the chemical manufacture and processing environments.

Last but not least, on health and nutrition. Get to know Organic Press, a company in Dubai that makes cold-press juice. In the outlook section, we give you some data on sports nutrition.

There’s more including products to be showcased in Gulfood Manufacturing, and the latest in functional ingredients.

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