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FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal
FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

Issue: 2017-02

CONSUMERS dictate the need for food and beverage products to contain ingredients that frankly shouldn’t compromise health when taken in moderation. It’s fair to demand that from the industry.

Of course, market research suggest that the one direction manufacturers are taking is the route to simplify and clear their labels. Innova Market Insights calls it “Clean Supreme”. The clean and clear trend isn’t just for products, but for the whole supply chain. For many, it can be a long road to traverse. But I say, take the first step because there are no alternative routes if you want your products to be loved.

Another important step to take is to increase the nutritional value of products where possible. This generation is choosy (to a fault?) and are likely to be more interested in functional products, and may I add, in attractive but sustainable packaging., be it with a new ingredient or a processing technology.

That brings me to our report on infant nutrition. The industry continues to grow in Asia, despite the hurdles. This report also got me thinking. All these actions going on in the food and beverage industry – clean, clear, reformulation, sustainability, and so on –they may be difficult to realize, but we owe it to the children – the future. They’re more than enough reason for you to be developing the right food and beverage now.

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