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Issue: 2015-3

Innovation, constantly evolving

IS the most talked-about topic across the full business spectrum for years, about to lose its luster? Its definition is still elusive.
Something different/novel? Perhaps a new idea, device, or process? Or filling an untapped customer need? Different companies will probably come up with different answers for what INNOVATION really is. Indeed, while increasingly regarded as a cliché and in danger of losing its meaning, innovation has also been constantly evolving either by getting more specific, like "open innovation" and "disruptive innovation" or completely changing the term to "invention". No matter how widely it is defined, however, the ultimate goal of innovation largely remains unanimous: To create value for customers. This is also an important benefit highlighted by all winners of this year's China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Awards (CPCIA). Looking across all categories of CPCIA 2015, winning products have never been so committed to added-value than ever before. Whether sourced exotically, manufactured/ processed uniquely, or applied in an unconventional way, these products/ technologies promise to offer something new which can fill untapped needs or do the existing jobs more effectively.
One of the major reasons behind the popularity of the term of innovation is that consumers love to hear it. They tend to think that innovation equals a brand new user experience. When it comes to personal care products, it can mean even much more, such as greater safety and better efficacy/functionality, as well as pleasant sensory properties upon application.
All in all, no matter which category, anti-aging and whitening that are already dominant in the global market, or anti-pollution/ environmental assaults that is expected to become the next big thing, especially in Asia, they are all striving to innovate in terms of action mechanisms and./or product forms, inspired by knowledge from other scientific fields.

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