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Issue: 2015-7

Dealing with Smog, Dirt and Dust

A CREATIVE approach is a requirement to find success in the Vietnamese beauty market, we learn from entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Minh Thu. Her company, Nhan Sac Viet, is competing in a sector where foreign-owned companies dominate with around 80% market share. As she relates in Happi Word, Ms. Nguyen uses a very personalized client service strategy. In five years, this approach has created a niche market for the Korean and Japanese brands the company distributes in Viet Nam as well as its own products – a number of them anti-aging solutions, which are very much in line with the global trend. This trend has very much to do with consumers relying on beauty products to protect themselves from the impact of pollution, particularly the way it contributes to skin aging. Primary skin problems and extrinsic aging associated with air pollution include dehydration, redness, age spots, increased wrinkling, eczema and acne.
Anti-pollution cleansers, creams, facial mists and wipes, among others, make a variety of claims from anti-stress, whitening and protecting to total urban defense. UV protection takes center stage in most of the products, but the key to the equation is antioxidant protection, according to experts.
In the Asia-Pacific region, new research from Mintel reveals that between 2011 and 2013 there was a 40% rise in the number of launches of beauty and personal care products carrying an antipollution claim. With growing urbanization in the region, personal care and beauty products with claims to counter the effects of pollution, stress and UV exposure can only be expected to rise.

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