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Int'l Metalworking News for Asia
Int'l Metalworking News for Asia

Issue: 2017-04

Industry 4.0 is emerging a critical component to manufacturing competence, a trend that will further intensify in the coming years. Leading companies are appearing on the horizon with ideas that will change the face of the industry. Job shops in South East Asia’s developing economies are now starting to identify technologies that would complement their manufacturing businesses. Here at International Metalworking News for Asia, we strive to present technical articles, stories and products that can help expand outside traditional manufacturing. DMG Mori supports its customers on their path to consistent digitalisation based on the app-based control and operator system CELOS® with intelligent software solutions and a lot of digital products and services. By now every fourth machine is thanks to CELOS® compatible with the future. Find out what other products the company presented during its recent open house in this month’s Metal Cutting section. To remain competitive and profitable, shops continually seek the most economical and productive ways to accomplish their work. Industry 4.0 is presently the top level of manufacturing evolution, requiring strong management commitment, specialised personnel and significant investment. The Tooling & Workholding section features simple, cost-effective analyses and actions that can have a large positive effect on the productivity of small to medium-size operations. Users nowadays are looking for tangible benefits to reach the next level of process simulation in their sheet metal forming software. This month’s Sheet Metal Forming section unveils Auto-Form Engineering’s latest software version. The software enables users to reach the next level of process simulation through a new set of powerful enhancements and functionalities. Although Industry 4.0 is dominating the discussion of the future like no other topic, efforts to lay out Industry 4.0 in South East Asia is still embryonic. At present, enterprises in the region whose status can be described as Industrial 3.0 or even lower than that know they need a lot of improvements, especially in cost control, production efficiency and process management. Nevertheless, these economies are pushing towards development. And in the future, I’m positive that we will see more demand for services, potentially turning them into a major power behind the digital market.

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