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Int'l Metalworking News for Asia
Int'l Metalworking News for Asia

Issue: 2018-10

Is it possible to innovate without boundaries? October cover story welcomes the age of ubiquitous innovation. Siemens President and CEO Tony Hemmelgarn explained the transformative business value of the digital enterprise that can only be realised by dissolving the boundaries between people, processes and applications. The company is integrating software applications into new solutions that reflect and support customers’ pursuit of more ubiquitous innovation. The recently concluded International Metalworking Philippines 2018 received an overwhelming responses from the international exhibitors. More than 85% of exhibitors are foreign companies, and 24% of these exhibitors are exhibiting in the Philippines for the very first time. Also in this issue, automation systems for tube processing have repeatedly been a subject in many discussions. At present it is fair to expect that the mechanical engineering sector will have to consolidate after a period of strong demand. The trend towards adopting automation techniques will continue and more strongly so. Metal Cutting section explores machining concepts for today’s future mobility. In view of the expected dynamic development of e-mobility, the automotive-related machine tool industry is confronted by challenges in terms of machine concepts and production processes, which need to be solved using innovative approaches. This month’s show preview section highlights two tradeshows: TMTS in Taichung, Taiwan and METALEX in Bangkok, Thailand. Exhibitors of these two shows are ready to present their latest technologies and products to optimise manufacturing processes, and to meet the changing demands and conditions of factories. Elsewhere in this issue talks of manufacturers no longer taking a rear-view mirror approach to machining. It’s time for user-friendly solutions that provide insight on hundreds of parameters for truly efficient machining. Finally, let’s end on a quote from Mark Weiser, Chief Scientist at Xerox, Father of Ubiquitous Computing: “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”

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