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Int'l Metalworking News for Asia
Int'l Metalworking News for Asia

Issue: 2019-12

This issue is chock full of great content, a large chunk of which focuses on new trends that are key to the metalworking industry. Boardroom Connection starts off with the story behind Vietnam’s first car maker, VinFast. The company has effectively managed to build their factory, car design, and start car production in record time – half the usual average time taken – by utilising Siemens’ portfolio of integrated software and hardware. Metal Cutting presents an interview with Breton S.p.A. during the recent EMO Hannover. Alessandro said customers in China are now requesting new special solutions, not only the machine itself, but support as well. They want to learn how to get the best of the technology Breton is offering them. Automation section shows the rise in automation and modern technology can take CNC machining to a new level. To demonstrate this, Omron Electronics Pte Ltd and Hurco (S.E. Asia) Pte Ltd worked together in presenting a live working demonstration of the digitisation of a precision parts manufacturing process - integrating advanced CNC machine, during a seminar organised by Omron in Singapore. Software & Control talks about the new industrial revolution – Industry Renaissance – driven by virtual worlds created and managed on virtual experience platforms, the infrastructure of Industry Renaissance. This infrastructure allows a company to visualise and control in the virtual world what we cannot see in the real world: the entire industrial ecosystem. International Metalworking News for Asia is one of the privileged media from Asia Pacific region invited to hear first-hand about Siemens vision of the future. Learn about the up-to-date interpretation of today in planning for tomorrow; an outlook of the forces and ideas that triumph, as well as the tools and technologies that will take us there in this month’s Special Report section. Lastly, the manufacturing sector is in the midst of sea change. We can’t wait to see how technology advancements will unfold. But it is also interesting to see what the movers and shakers in the metalworking industry are making to make sure customers’ investments in new systems and equipment will pay off, and enable them to compete globally through 2020 and beyond. The Outlook 2020 section presents three companies providing their predictions in the future of manufacturing in Asia.

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